Regarding rounds

❖ If the boat starts before the whistle, the counter will be restarted and a second chance will be given. However, if a boat starts before the whistle a second time, it will be disqualified.

❖ The participants must place their boats at the start/finish line before the start of the race.

❖ If there is a tie then the respective teams will be given 1 more run.

❖ The track will have checkpoints at regular intervals. If a boat tumbles, or halts, or goes off the arena at any point on the track, one of the organizers will lift it up and place it at the nearest checkpoint behind that point, and until then all the stopwatches will be paused.

❖ Top 10 teams with maximum sum of points in round 1 and 2 will go to the next round. If the number of the participants are more, then more teams will be allowed to the next round.

Regarding teams and boat

❖ Each team should consist of 3 members.

❖ The team need not consist of members from the same college.

❖ There is no restriction on the number of teams from each college.

❖ Length of the boat should be less than 17 inches.

❖ Width of the boat should be less than 8 inches.

❖ Battery used should be less than 8 V.

❖ RPM of the motor should be less than 8000. More than one motors can be used.

Note- When one participant is performing, others have to hand over their remote controllers to the event team.