Make a wireless remote controlled machine, powered ONLY by an IC Engine which can complete and compete with other opponents on an off-road dirt track with many obstacles in least possible time.


Stages of the event

• Abstract Submission

• Inspection

• Race Event

         o Prelims

         o Final rounds

• Free Style


Conduction of each stage of the event


  • Abstract Submission: Format of the abstract is available for download from the website. Edit the same file and send your abstracts to

Abstracts can also be sent after registration.

  • A video of the working model. Upload the video on YouTube and include the link in your abstract.

  • Photos of the chassis, steering and suspension system fabricated. Zip the videos and upload in the appropriate column while registering.

Note: The abstract is non-eliminative and is intended to give us an idea about the effort put in by the participants.