Pragyan Design Challenge

PDC is a core engineering event which is exclusively designed to cater to the students who are interested and prolific in CAD skills, involving various designing softwares and modelling packages.

It is open for the students of all the departments. The contest basically involves designing any useful product which showcases their creativity and designing skills.

This contest does not involve fabrication or any cash inputs from students.

Schedule: 10 am to 5 pm -- March 3, 2017.

                CASH PRIZE - INR 30000


  • Online questionnaire round (Subjective type and Limited time)

  • This is an eliminative round

  • Knowledge on the following aspects will be tested in this round –

1) Basic machine drawing, tolerance and dimensioning, engineering graphics

2) Basic physics parameter calculations from the design using software like centre of mass, volume.

3) Participants are expected to fill the abstract document and send it along with the questionnaire without fail to the mentioned mail id.

4) Both abstract and questionnaire carry equal weight when in the evaluation process

5) The links for questionnaire and abstract document will be open from Feb 14  till Feb 24.

6) Participants are required to fill both the documents and mail it to before Feb 24.

Participants can download Round 1 Questionnaire from here and abstract from here.

Deadline Extended till 24th February, 2017.



  • 3D Design , Model submission and presentation round

  • Participants can go for simulations and animations to explain their model which will fetch them bonus points.

  • They should make the necessary static and dynamic analysis to validate the safety of their design.(Safety Analysis is compulsory)

  • Any modelling software can be used

  • Presentation is on the day of Pragyan

  1. Creativity and Ideas implemented in the model.

  2. Detailing and Level of usage of the provisions available in the software.

  3. Feasibility and Marketability of the model.

  4. Simulations and  Analysis carried out on the model if any.

Presentation for the model for the judges: focusing on working/ material used/ cost effectiveness

The judging process is objective in nature. The above mentioned criteria is to be kept in mind while judging of the design. In any case, the judge’s decision is final and abiding.

  1. Maximum of 3 members per team can participate

  2. Change of problem statement is not allowed after the abstract submission

1. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?

Maximum 3.

2. Are cross college teams allowed?


3. Are UGPG collaboration teams allowed?


4. Is any registration fee required?


5. When will I be intimated if I am selected for the next round?

Around 10 days before Pragyan '16

6. Any help if we use some particular Softwares?

No, because we will be needing only the IGES/STEP file from your side.

7. Any extra points if we get a fabricated model/ prototype?

NO, this event is for testing only your design skills specifically through computer based softwares.

8. What analysis can we come up with for the models?

Preferably begin with Static Structural analysis and show that it has an optimum Factor of Safety, then go ahead with Dynamic Analysis. In certain cases, Thermal (Static/Transient) can also be done.

9. Is analysis of the model compulsory?


10. Any particular file formats necessary?

Yes, get your:

   a) Model in IGES/STEP format preferably

   b) Drawings in .dwg or converted to .pdf. 

   c) For the analysis carried out using softwares, get pictures and copy them into your powerpoint file (.ppt); manual calculations can be neatly done, scanned and attached to the .ppt file too.

   d) Other photos if any u can get them, as .jpg if you aren't uploading them in your .ppt file.

   e) Animation videos can be .mp4/.avi/.3gp and must preferably be linked to your .ppt file.

   f) In case of files apart from .ppt a folder must be submitted well before the time of your presentation through a pen drive to the organizers on the event day.

Coming up Soon!!!

1) Alternate propulsion for bicycles

2)Convertible mechanism for modern baby strollers.

3)Backpack to shopping cart convertible mechanism

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