This is the ultimate combat of competence. It is a battle that tests the limits of Aerodynamics. It is an experience felt only in the third dimension, unlike any other, and all it takes is to fabricate a multirotor whose speed, manoeuvrability and design will be tested, along with its handling on various tracks.

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended till 22nd February, 2017.

           CASH PRIZE - INR 60000

Schedule:  10 am to 5 pm -- March 4th and March 5th 2017.

The event will be conducted in two stages:


The participants will have to submit an abstract of the design in the specified format on or before 22nd February 2017 to quad@pragyan.org . The format for abstract submission can be downloaded from here.

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended till 22nd February, 2017.


ROUND 1 -Navigation of sponge balls by the thrust produced by the multirotor. The balls are to be guided in a predefined track.

ROUND 2 - Manoeuvring skills in a track consisting of bends, loops and 3D hollow objects placed in random sequence will be tested. The multirotor must also carry a payload while completing the course.


NOTE: Transmitters will be provided for participants.

Round 1

  • The track will have a total of 5 checkpoints.

  • For each checkpoint crossed, the team will be awarded 60 points.

  • Each time the ball leaves the track, 5 points will be deducted.

  • The time taken to complete the track is noted.


Round 2

  • The drone is required to carry a payload (10*5*5 cm3 ) of 200 grams (maximum) through a track consisting of bends, loops and 3D hollow objects.

  • Time taken to complete the track is noted.

  • Each time the drone moves outside the track, 5 points will be deducted.



First round

  • 6 Seconds are equalized to 1 point.

  • Normalized Points (NP) = Points scored +[(5*60-T)/5].

  • T(sec) is the time taken by the participant to finish the round.

  • 5 points will be deducted as a penalty ,each time a drone touches the ground outside the boundary of a checkpoint.

  • Total score in the round = (Normalized Points - Penalty points).


Second round

  • If the team carries the given payload through the track; 100 points will be awarded.

  • 2 seconds are equalized to 1 point.

  • Normalized points(NP) = (7*60-T) + 100 (for teams that carry the payload).

  • 5 points will be deducted each time the drone goes outside the track / hit an obstacle.

  • Total score in the round =(Normalized points - Penalty points).


  • The drone should fit in a box of 60x60x30 cm

  • The drone should be powered /propelled with Non-Hydrocarbon engines.

  • Pre-built frames can be used. The provision to carry payload can be incorporated in the frame.

  • Drones include Tricopter ,Quadcopter ,Hexacopter etc.,

  • Teams with Ready to fly (RTF) models will be disqualified, however pre-programmed boards are optional.

  • FPV, GPS or any kind of automated modules are not allowed

  • No restriction on the material used in making the drone, except that the propellers should be non-metallic.



  • Students from any college/university can participate with a valid Identity card.  

  • A team can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 students.

  • Inter college teams are allowed.

  • Any number of teams from a college can participate.

  • One participant cannot be a part of two teams.



  • Only 1 attempt will be given for a team in both rounds.

  • Only one member should pilot the drone for a particular round.

(However pilots can be changed for other rounds)

  • A maximum time of 5 minutes will be given for each round.

  • Flight time is the time taken to complete the respective round.

  • The timer will start the moment the multirotor starts.

  • Each team is required to bring its own model.However, exchange of components such as ESC, Battery and receiver are allowed.

  • The team must use the same drone for all the rounds.

Q1. Is abstract submission compulsory?

Ans. Yes , it is to know your progress and to help you if you are facing any problem with your fabrication.


Q2.Should the same model/drone be used in all rounds?

Ans. Yes.


Q3. Are there any restrictions on weight of the drone?

Ans. Yes, a drone can weigh a maximum of 2.8 kilos including the battery and the receiver.


Q4. Is the use of provided transmitter compulsory?    

Ans. Absolutely not. Transmitters are provided only for the benefit of the participants and is not a regulation. Participants are welcome to use their own transmitter.


Q5. Will any other component be provided from Pragyan’s side?

Ans. No. The Transmitter alone will be provided to the teams who require it.







Design and fabricate a wireless RC flying platform that will accommodate the requirements of various rounds in this event.

Hariharan             :     8940732785

Ranjith                 :     9841117297

Jai                        :     9621117217


Email us at quad@pragyan.org

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