• The drone should fit in a box of 60x60x30 cm

  • The drone should be powered /propelled with Non-Hydrocarbon engines.

  • Pre-built frames can be used. The provision to carry payload can be incorporated in the frame.

  • Drones include Tricopter ,Quadcopter ,Hexacopter etc.,

  • Teams with Ready to fly (RTF) models will be disqualified, however pre-programmed boards are optional.

  • FPV, GPS or any kind of automated modules are not allowed

  • No restriction on the material used in making the drone, except that the propellers should be non-metallic.



  • Students from any college/university can participate with a valid Identity card.  

  • A team can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 students.

  • Inter college teams are allowed.

  • Any number of teams from a college can participate.

  • One participant cannot be a part of two teams.



  • Only 1 attempt will be given for a team in both rounds.

  • Only one member should pilot the drone for a particular round.

(However pilots can be changed for other rounds)

  • A maximum time of 5 minutes will be given for each round.

  • Flight time is the time taken to complete the respective round.

  • The timer will start the moment the multirotor starts.

  • Each team is required to bring its own model.However, exchange of components such as ESC, Battery and receiver are allowed.

  • The team must use the same drone for all the rounds.