First round:  “SPEED TEST”

  •   Here, the speed of the rocket is tested. The rocket has to travel a minimum of 90m.   The teams with maximum distance/time ratio will get to qualify for the next round.

  •   Points will be awarded according to the following relation:

  •   Total Points = Range (in m)/time taken (sec)

  •   This round is eliminative from which only the top teams will proceed to the next stage.

     Second round : “NO RUSH – REACH THE TARGET”

     This round tests the stability of rocket. Two chances will be provided for launching the rocket. There will be 3 circular regions in the arena, having P points

      For hitting,

  • 1. Region A  (5 meter radius region): P = 50 points

  • 2. Region B (7 meter radius region): P = 25 points

  • 3. Region C (10 meter radius region): P = 15 points

  • 4. Otherwise : P= 0 points

Total points  =  P + 10*Time taken.

In case of tie in total points, Maximum points are scored by the team which scores maximum points by hitting the region (P).

If the points scored by hitting are also equal, then the points obtained from the first round will be considered.



  • There will be a fun round for the participants who are not able to qualify into the final round.

  • Judging criteria will be :

  1. Cool Rocket Design.

  2. Spirit of the team and coordination.

  • Team will be given specific time for this event.

  • Goodies will be given to the winners of the fun round.
    So there is no going back empty hand.