Water rockets can have multiple stages. Parachute, gliding and other mechanical launch  mechanisms are allowed. Booster mechanisms are allowed as well.

  • Use of electronic components and chemical explosives are banned.

  • Maximum pressure supported is 60 psi.

  • Participants can, and are advised to make different models for different rounds, in case of any damage to one, but the water rockets must be identical.

  • The team will be disqualified/given another chance to remodel, if the model is found to be dangerous in any way. Decision of the organisers is final.

  •  Participants are supposed to get their own launching pads which cannot be shared with other teams.

  • The rocket body should be made only with plastic bottles of aerated soft drinks of maximum capacity 2.5L and should be free of any fabrication failures or dents caused by heat exposure. More than one bottle can be used but the total volume must be less than 2.5L.

  • Working fluid is water and only it should be used in propulsion of rocket , no other things or system should be used. Participants will use the water provided by the organizers.

  • Foot pump will be provided by organizers , this foot pump is compatible with the standard bike valve. Please check the sizes of nozzle which you are using in case of using your own launcher. If you have a size which differs from the standard size, arrange it beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. It will not be provided by the organizers. In case participants use their own pump, it must have a pressure gauge.

  • Decision of the organisers is final.