1. Do I need three people in my team to participate?

A maximum of three participants, thus, less than that is permitted. If there exists a team with no participants, we shall consider it null and void.


2. Is there a restriction to the randomness of my theory?

If you can phrase it, you can use it. There is no limit to your imagination.


3. What will I be needing for the event?

A theory. And the necessary presentation you have made, to support the same.

Necessary materials you intend on using while presenting.

Yourself, plus the friends or foes that may speak with you.

An imagination. With a dash of scientific mumbo jumbo.


4. What should be the format of the presentation?

It can be anything- a presentation, a play, a stand up piece, audio, video… etc .Necessary technical infrastructure will be provided. Please inform us beforehand of the format of presentation and your requirements for the same.

Also, ensure that you present it within the allotted time and make it as interactive as possible.


5. Can I use media files in my presentation?

Yes. You are free to do so. All forms are allowed, ensuring you stick to the stage time allotted. Please ensure that all media files are compatible and in working conditions well before presenting on stage.


6. How long do I get to speak on stage?

6 minutes is the maximum time allotted for each team to present their theory. Followed by a Q&A session by the judges.


7. Can I use humor in what I present?

Yes, please.


8. Must my team members be from my college alone?

No such restriction exists. All you need are Pragyan IDs.


9. Can UG and PG Collaborate?

Yes, they can. A team may consist of anyone pursuing their U.G., P.G., or even Ph.D.


10. What does this event test?

The event tests the following:

•    Creativity of the participants-how unexpected or simple the idea is

•    Scientific Accuracy of the main theory and its support theories

•    Power of rationalization and substantiation

•    Presentation skills (to an extent)


11. When will I be informed if I am selected to the next round?

If you are selected for the next round you will receive a mail a month before Pragyan with details of your participation. May the odds be ever in your favour.