1) How many entries can one submit?

Only one entry is permitted per participant. 

2) Is there any registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee. But you should have registered on the Pragyan website and must possess a registered email ID.

3) In what file format should the story be submitted? What other details must be added?

The story must be submitted as a word document (.doc or .docx). 

You must write your Name, registered email ID, College name and Contact number in the header of the word document containing your story.  

The name of the word document must be in following format: Image numbers_Title of your story.

4) How do I submit my story?

You should mail your story (as a word document) to the following e-mail ID, from your registered email ID: stringtheory@pragyan.org

And the subject of your mail should be in the following format: ImageNumbers_TitleOfTheStory

5) On what grounds is my entry liable to disqualification?

The entry can be disqualified on the following grounds:

a. If the story is much longer than the word limit.

b. If you have not mentioned your Name, registered email ID, College name and Contact number in the header of the word document containing your story.

c. If you send your entry after the deadline. [Deadline is fifteen days after the release of the images.]

d. If the story is found to be plagiarized.

6) Should I come to the NITT campus to participate in this event?

No, you don’t have to come to the campus. The contest is entirely online.

7) Who will be chosen as the winners for the event?

The best three writers will be chosen as the winners.

8) How and when will the winners be notified?

The results will be declared one week after the deadline for submission, and the winners will be intimated via email and SMS.

9) How are the winners awarded?

The winners will be awarded a certificate of appreciation, along with cash prizes worth INR 5000. Moreover, their stories will be published during Pragyan’17. The stories will also be published in some magazines, the details of which will be notified to the winners. 

10) Is there any participation certificate? 

No. Only the winners are awarded with a certificate of appreciation.