It is a 6 day online event. Everyday, 6 new questions with different weights and an encrypted puzzle will be presented. The event will happen during 27th February to 3rd March 2017.

The participant has to solve only 1 out of the 6 questions (mandatory) everyday and he may solve the encrypted puzzle (not mandatory) for bonus points. Now how should a participant select 1 question from the pool of 6 questions to earn maximum points? 


Solving the encrypted  puzzle initially (which gives a sequence of numbers) will help the participant get an idea on the weights associated with all the 6 questions presented that day.

The participant will then have to choose a question number which he thinks will fetch him the maximum points. Once he locks a question number, that particular question alone will be displayed. He/She cannot go back to change the question number.


Note: Solving the question having a higher weight will increase the chances of getting maximum points.  


To aid the participant to get a “better score”(check out Scoring) , encrypted information in 

the form of a puzzle, an equation and a graph will be presented to the participant.


Event Equation: AX=B


A (6*6 matrix) - Given to participant (which is frequently updated by the server to maintain the equation AX=B).

X (6*1 matrix) - To be encrypted from puzzle.

B (6*1 matrix) - Gives information about the number of participants who have solved each question.


Graph: Sum of all participants who solved any problem vs Time


Correlate Matrix B and the graph in order to identify the number of people who have solved the problem and hence the most efficient scoring option at that particular time.


The Bonus answer will be completely related to the puzzle. i.e., the sum of all the values of matrix X is the bonus answer.


So, solving the puzzle not only gets the person bonus points but also helps him get Matrix 

B(6*1 matrix), which hints at the number of participants who solved at that time.

The 6 questions will test basic concepts in algebra, combinatorics, geometry and related topics and common sense.