We're all moving towards a developed and accommodating lifestyle. The world around us needs to undergo sustainable development and the need of the hour is to take a small step in conserving out world.

LEAP, in association with Pragyan, presents Greenville, an event where participants carry out a systematic analysis to come up with a solution for the various issues that has been bothering the balance and prosperity of the environment.

India’s urban population is expected to double to more than 600 million people. Urban centres will consists of  40 percent of the country’s population and 70 percent of new employment.

India is facing a choice: It could either continue to build increasingly sprawling and inefficient cities or embrace well-designed and people-focused models.

Ever since the centre announced the “concept of Smart Cities in India”, the topic has been widely viewed and talked about. After various rounds of competition, top 20 cities were decided to be financed in the 1st year.

The participant is expected to identify the major challenges and suggest implementable solution. The participant is allowed to choose any city of their choice.

Schedule : 10 am to 5 pm -- March 3, 2017.

                CASH PRIZE - INR 20000


  • The participants should participate in teams of 4 and submit an abstract in less than 1000 words, on the challenge identified. The abstract should be submitted on or before 24th February 2017. Send your abstract to The sample abstract can be downloaded here.


  • Presentation at NIT Trichy in front of the judges.

  • Top 15 teams will be shortlisted to this round.

  • Research Capabilities : Ability to understand the issue and identify the problem.

  • Innovation in idea.

  • Feasibility of implementation and sustainability of the idea.

  • Economic and eco friendly solutions.


  • All submissions must be done before the deadline.

  • Specifications for the abstract: Legible font size, pdf format , less than 1000 words.

  • Specifications for the presentation : Maximum of 30 slides

  • Maximum of 4 per team.

  • Your team must register for the event at pragyan site

1. Is it a maximum of 4 people or strictly a team of 4?

 Ans. It is a maximum of 4. But no special credit for teams with lesser participants.

2. Are UG-PG collaboration teams, cross college teams allowed?

 Ans. Yes

3. Is any registration fee required?

Ans. Nope. Except for registration in Pragyan No special fee is needed

4.Can the team members be of different departments?

Ans. Yes

With rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, we humans have caused a lot of environmental pollution and harm. With demand for energy increasing day by day and renewable resources depleting, one needs to judiciously use the existing resources. Also, the need of the hour is to develop new technology that calls for alternatives to the present selection and usage of material, as well as to reduce, recycle and reuse the waste. Participants are expected to work towards building an ideal smart city by addressing problems faced by modern Indian cities.

 Some Attributes of smart cities:

  • Assured water and power supply.

  • sanitation and solid waste management.

  • Efficient urban mobility and public transport.

  • Robust IT connectivity.

  • E-governance and citizen participation.

  • Safety of the citizens.

The participants are then supposed to chose one of the problems and come up with an idea to tackle this problem in an economic and eco friendly manner using the current know-how.

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