With rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, we humans have caused a lot of environmental pollution and harm. With demand for energy increasing day by day and renewable resources depleting, one needs to judiciously use the existing resources. Also, the need of the hour is to develop new technology that calls for alternatives to the present selection and usage of material, as well as to reduce, recycle and reuse the waste. Participants are expected to work towards building an ideal smart city by addressing problems faced by modern Indian cities.

 Some Attributes of smart cities:

  • Assured water and power supply.

  • sanitation and solid waste management.

  • Efficient urban mobility and public transport.

  • Robust IT connectivity.

  • E-governance and citizen participation.

  • Safety of the citizens.

The participants are then supposed to chose one of the problems and come up with an idea to tackle this problem in an economic and eco friendly manner using the current know-how.