When we look at what is truly sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is nature.

Have you ever observed nature closely? What do you notice? What relations do you see? What patterns? What is revealed when you start to look at its incredibility?

We create technology to make our lives easier. But without intending to, we have created massive sustainability problems for our future generations. The solutions to these problems are all around us in the form of nature.

So, come up with a solution inspired from nature. Put your brain to work. Combine your observation and innovation to make something that can impact an industry.

                CASH PRIZE - INR 25000


  • Abstracts are to be sent with a brief introduction of the idea on or before 7th February 2017. Send your abstracts to

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended till 7th February 2017.


  • Shortlisted candidates are required to submit their study and solutions in the form of a PPT on or before 7th March 2017. 

Understanding of the process and design

Innovation in the idea

  • Potential for impact

  • Scalability

  • Economic feasibility

  • Presentation

  • Abstract cannot exceed 250 words
  • Presentation should be less than 35 slides.
  • Your team must register for the event at pragyan site
  • Maximum No of participants in a team should not exceed 3

1. What are the various ways in which the final project can be submitted?

Ans. The project must be submitted as a presentation (in .pptx format)

2. What are the various fields in which the projects may be?

Ans. The projects that deals with topics given in problem statement are given priority in the final round. However, participant is free to choose from the field of his/her choice.

3. Is a prototype of the model required?

Ans. No, the event is completely online and does not require any prototypes (not mandatory).

4. Are UG-PG collaboration teams, cross college teams allowed?


5. Is any registration fee required?

Ans. No. Except for registration fee for Pragyan, no special fee is needed.

6. Is the voice over for Presentation compulsory?

Ans. Yes.

  • All the greatest inventions of mankind are  simulations of the processes of nature.

  • We require participants to come up with an idea inspired from nature’s design that is feasible and efficient.

  • Biotechnology, Energy, Automobiles and Sciences and Computers- your theory may find application in one of these fields*.

  • Students are to work on their idea, explain their concept in detail, analyse its pros and cons, the feasibility, experimental results and, prepare a presentation based on their work.

*The fields given are just a guide for the participants. They may also choose other topics of their choice.


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