With ‘data’ playing a crucial role in IoT, the participants are required to come up with efficient solutions using the data gathered in anyone of the following areas given.



  1. Utilizing the data available from the vehicles(bus/car/train), come up with solutions for improving the vehicle efficiency and safety and making it more user friendly.
  2. Efficient solutions for traffic management and reduction in vehicle congestion.


Healthcare and Smart Home:

  1. How could an intelligent and connected home make your everyday life easier? (the participants can work on any specific area regarding homes like energy consumption, improving a specific room in the house (kitchen, hall, etc))
  2. How can you make your environment, ie, the personal space around you smarter?
  3. Integrate health care and IoT to make it more accessible and cheaper



  1. Using IoT come up with solutions for improving the cultivation and storage of crops.