To shape or form - the word Aakriti traces its roots from the ancient Sanskrit language. Our ancestors believed in the design of the universe and infused their creations with ideas and designs of the world. And here's a chance to inspire the world with your designs.

Aakriti is an architectural design competition meant for Civil Engineering and Architecture Students.

All participants will be given a  Design Problem Statement to work on. They have to study, solve, calculate and work on the design and present a technically sound product which should be aesthetically pleasing, feasible to build and reliable as well.

Aakriti tests not just the creativity but the technical knowledge and engineering expertise of the participants as well. Participants will also be gauged on the understanding of their project feasibility and the provision of practical solutions.


Schedule: 2 pm to 6 pm -- March 4, 2017.                        


                CASH PRIZE - INR 25000