The event is divided into two stages. The first stage will include activities that you will be carrying out at your respective colleges and the second stage will be conducted at NIT-Trichy.

Stage 1

  • Registration for the event

  • The release of the problem statement. Check the problem statement section.

  • Designing the mix and casting three concrete blocks within the specified restrictions.

  • Preparing a report of the design mix and submitting it online, to us, on or before 15th February 2017.

  Design Report Deadline Extended Till 19th February, 2017.

Stage 2

  • Bring the casted concrete blocks to our college during Pragyan.

  • Weight, strength and size of the blocks will be tested.

  • The submitted design reports will be evaluated and the teams would be asked to give a brief oral presentation of their work upon which they will be questioned.

  • Points will be awarded for each  criterion and the winner will be judged accordingly.