Do you enjoy deciphering clues and running on exciting treasure hunts?  Are you looking for an adventurous and fun filled trail? Then this event is one you cannot miss!

Participants will be asked to locate the position of a treasure based on pure numerical and alphabetical data. Using the given data, surveying principles and techniques, the participants are supposed to crack a series of clues and reach the destination. 


Schedule :

Prelims 3 pm to 6 pm -- March 3, 2017.

 Finals  8 am to 12 pm -- March 4, 2017.

                CASH PRIZE - INR 20000

Round 1:

Written and eliminative round. Both objective and subjective questions can be asked. This round includes questions from conventional and advanced surveying techniques. Aptitude questions will also be asked.

Time given: 90-120 minutes.

Round 2:

Final Round will be held on the field, where each shortlisted team should perform a surveying task to reach the next point based on the numerical data and alphabetic symbols given. Two hours will be provided to complete all the tasks and reach the final point.

  • Apt and accurate use of the Surveying equipment.

  • First team to reach the final point wins.

  • Each team must consist of exactly 3 members with at least 2 members from civil engineering stream.

  • Calculators are allowed ONLY in the FINAL round.

  • All the equipment required for the final round will be provided and should be handled carefully.

  • All the tasks must be completed within the specified time.   

1. Are cross‐college teams allowed?
Ans:  Yes.

2. Is it a maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?
Ans:  It is strictly a team of 3.

3. Are UG‐PG collaboration teams allowed?
Ans: No. Only UG students are allowed for the event.

4. Is any registration fee required?
Ans: No.

5. When will I be intimated if I am selected for the next round?
Ans: The shortlisted team will be intimated within 3 hours of completion of the 1st round.

6. Do we need to bring our own surveying instruments?
Ans: No. We will provide the necessary apparatus.

7. Do we get any participation certificate?
Ans: Only if you are selected for the second round.

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