1.  What is a trade? How can I trade?

Trade is done at the stock exchange. You buy company stock from the stocks in exchange. You enter the amount of stock you want to buy from the company and click on Trade for a successful trade.

2. How can I buy stocks from other players?

You can buy stocks by giving a ‘Bid’ order for the particular stock. Only when your ‘Bid’ is successful you will receive the stock. You are permitted to negotiate for the same stock by sending another bid.

3. How can I sell stocks to other players?

You can sell stocks by giving an ‘Ask’ order for the particular stock. Only when your ‘Ask’ is successful will you receive the money. Although you can negotiate for the same stock by sending another ‘Ask’ order.

4. What are the types of orders supported by Dalal Street’s exchange?

We support Limit, Market and Stop Loss orders. If you’re not sure what these terms mean, worry not. We have provided resources for you to familiarize yourself with these terms. If you’re too lazy for, that’s fine too. They’ll become clear as you play the Beta round.

5. Who can participate in Dalal Street?

Anyone with a valid Pragyan ID can participate. If you don’t have a Pragyan ID, then register on the Pragyan site. It won’t take more than 2 minutes.

6. What is the role of bots? Who makes the bots?

The bots are present to provide for realistic market fluctuations. They behave like human players - they buy, sell, mortgage stocks following their own strategies. A large number of these, each different from the other, will give the market a randomness factor. Worry not, the bots will not have any advantage over human players - they will take their own sweet time to trade stocks. After all, the prize money is only for the human players. Also, the bots are designed by us and not the participants.

7. Whom to approach in case of technical problems or queries?

You can always contact us through our official Facebook Page or call our managers directly in case of emergency. Every player will be notified in case of technical difficulties within Dalal Dashboard under the notification or alert tab. Further instructions will be put up on our main site.