Pragyan Premier League

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” - Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody).

Take part in the ultimate fantasy challenge that’ll test your inner decision-maker, and allows you to showcase your talents in picking the best team with the given resources. You’ll battle it out against other teams in the fantastically simulated tournament, Pragyan Premier League. May the best team win!

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The first match will happen on 19th February, select your team before that to maximise your chance of winning!


Schedule for Onsite Round - Location (Orion Circle) :

Auction 9 am to 12 pm -- March 4 ,2017 

Finals  11:30 am to 1 pm -- March 5, 2017

                CASH PRIZE - INR 20000

  • Round 1 - Online Round

    • Individual event.

    • 8 virtual matches.

    • 5 overs per innings.

  • Round 2 - Onsite (During Pragyan)

    • Live auction (Disqualified if unable to buy 11 players).

    • 8 teams.

    • Knockout rounds.

    • Ball by ball simulation for 5 overs.

For each match:

  • Participants start with zero points.

  • For every match, all the players are awarded points based on their performance in the algorithmically simulated match.

  • The participant’s total score is the sum of his/her individual players’ scores (playing 11).

  • No points awarded for having balance money in the entire process,meaning user is free to spend the money given to him as much as he likes.

  • Top 8 participants qualify for the second round.


  • Each team is required to buy a squad of minimum 16 players.

  • The squad is retained throughout round one.

  • Financial and minimum player type constraints (min 3 bowlers, 1 all rounder, 1 wicketkeeper) are present.

  • Each team must choose 11 players for each match.

  • They will retain the previously chosen team if no team has been chosen for that match.

  • The teams which have not chosen their team at least once will not be paired against an opponent.

  • Failing to change the team after choosing the team at least once will lead to continuation of the previously chosen team.

  • Virtual matches are simulated and scores of each player and team is determined.

1. Can I make changes to my squad after entering the game?

   No, you cannot make changes to your squad after choosing them. You can only pick your playing 11 from your squad for every match.

2. What playing combination should I use ?

     Minimum (3 bowlers, 1 allrounder, 1 wicketkeeper)

3. What happens if i do not submit a playing 11 for a particular match ?

    Your previous match’s playing 11 will be chosen automatically as your team.

4. Are multiple accounts allowed?

   No, you cannot do that. Any team found violating the rule will be disqualified immediately.

5. Are there any bonus points?

   No. There are no bonus points.

6. When will the matches be simulated?

    11:59 pm of every match day.

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Choose the best possible squad with the given money.Pit your chosen team against others in an algorithmically simulated match. (Top 8 teams qualify for round 2.)

  • Revanth-8344881425

  • Chandana-9701338991

  • Lasya-9677620812


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