Far, far away, you see a chest, all solitary in an island, waiting for its master to claim it. You can feel butterflies flying in your stomach. You know it is yours for the taking. All you have to do now is cross the island and voila, the treasure is yours! But only until you find foes surrounding you, sailing across for the same treasure. Will you be able to make it through?

Your task is to create a robot, and have it collect your treasures distributed all over the arena, before your enemies get a hold of them.

Schedule:  10 am to 5 pm --  3rd March and 4th March 2017.

                CASH PRIZE - INR 40000

 Prize money will be divided in the ratio 5:3:2



Phase 1:

Progress evaluation (Non-eliminative)

The format of the report can be downloaded from here.

Send your report to 

Only those teams which send their work within the deadline will be allowed to participate in the main event.  

Phase 2 (Onsite):

The main event will be held during Pragyan 17. Keep checking the page for exact dates.

Also, there will be an interview by TCS Jury which will be taken into consideration while announcing the winners.


Separate timers will be running for each team and will be stopped under the following conditions:

  • The team that has collected the exact amount of points or more than the required amount of points.

  • The time limit is exceeded.

  • The robot doesn’t respond for more than 10 seconds.

Points will be deducted if the robot moves out of the specified arena.

The total points earned at the end of each round will decide the winner for that round.

Each team must write their own code. The teams might be asked to explain the code during or after the event.



1. The timer is started when the robot starts moving from rest.

2. The time limit for each round is 7 minutes.

3. The timer will be stopped only when -

      a. The deposition box has loot value equal to or more than the target amount.

      b. The robot refuses to move for more than 10 seconds.

      c. The time limit for the round has exceeded.


Points shall be awarded as per the formula listed below. The scoring formula will remain the same across all rounds.

Points = 10,000 - 5*Deficit - 2*Excess - 5*Time Spent - 100*Number of Penalties


If the robot is unable to collect the specified amount of treasure, the difference between the required amount and the collected amount is called deficit.


If the robot collects more than the required amount of points during the run, the difference between the collected amount and the required amount is called excess.


The following violations will invite penalties:

  1. Crossing a treasure point (enclosed coloured figure) without stopping in it for more than or equal to 3 seconds.

  2. Collecting more than two loot chests without depositing them. Every loot collected when your cargo is full is counted as one penalty.

  3. Collecting a loot of the same value before depositing it.

Note: The penalty will attract the maximum negative points followed by the deficit and then  the time spent in the same order. Excess will attract the least negative points.

Robot Specifications:

  1. Robot should be within the specified size limits: 30 X 30 X 30 cm.

  2. Once the timer starts, the participants are not allowed to touch the robot or the laptop.

  3. The robot can have a wired connection with the laptop. In case the wire entangles, the participants may untangle the wires but only with the permission of the event managers.

  4. The power source for the robot must be on-board.

  5. Voltage between any two points must not exceed 12V. Any robots damaging the arena will be disqualified immediately.

General Rules:

  1. A team can have a maximum of four members.

  2. The arena dimensions are subject to a tolerance of 5%.

  3. The robot will be checked for safety reasons, before the run.

  4. The robot must not be dismantled until the results have been declared.

  5. The organisers' decision shall be treated as final and binding.

  6. The organisers have the right to change any of the above rules if need be.

1. How will I get the camera feed?

The camera will be suspended over the arena and it will have a standard USB cable that plugs into a laptop.

Note: The camera need not be exactly on top of the arena. The square arena might look like a trapezium. Some transformation might be necessary to make the arena a perfect square. The image will not be heavily warped.

2. Will there be time for calibration?

Yes. A separate day is allocated for calibrating the robots with the camera.

3. Can I bring my own camera?

No. To ensure that the conditions of the contest are the same for all the participants you must use the camera that is provided.

4. Will the camera have pan & tilt?

No. The camera will be positioned so that it can see the entire arena.

5. Should I use OpenCV necessarily?

No. You can use any library for image processing and any language.

6. Can I make any modifications to the robot or the code?

Yes and No. You cannot modify the robot or the code during the run. The robot or the code can only be modified in between rounds.

Get started with OpenCV:

Words are for illustrative purposes only. Figure not to scale.


  1. Two teams will be randomly selected to compete against each other.

  2. Each team will be provided a video feed of a separate but identical arena i.e. one team will have access to the map on the left and the other to the map on the right as shown in the above image.


  1. The aim of the event is to have the robot to collect the loot amount that would be specified by the event managers before the start of each round. Hence, the loot amount will be considered for the required points.

  2. The treasures will be indicated by enclosed figures of three different shapes (Rectangle, Circle and Triangle) and colours (Red, Green and Blue).

  3. Each colour and each shape carry different points. The points for each enclosed figure will be the product of the points allocated for the colour and the points allocated for the shape. For example, if red carries 10 points and triangle carries 15 points then the loot amount for the red triangle will be 150 points.

  4. The points corresponding to the colours and shapes will be given before each round begins. The target point will be an integral multiple of the points of at least one of the enclosed figures.

  5. At the beginning of each round, the target points and the points for the colour and shape can be intimated to the code as command-line arguments, a file or by changing the variables mentioned at the start of the code. The code must not be changed after the values are given (Only the variables at the start of the code can be altered).


      1. The size of the arena for each team will be 2m x 2m.

      2. The robot starts its run from the black coloured box (35cm*35cm) at the centre. Thereafter the box will be referred as the safe or deposition box.

      3. The timer for each team will start when their robot starts from rest inside the deposition box.

      4. Looting a Chest: The robot must remain inside the treasure points (enclosed coloured figure) for a minimum of 3 seconds to loot the chest. The robot should not move during these three seconds. Violation of this rule will be considered as the penalty.

      5. The size of the enclosed figures will be sufficient for the robot to completely fit into any configuration.

      6. Depositing the loot: The loot must be deposited in the deposition box. It is not mandatory to stop the robot for three seconds inside the deposition box. When all the wheels of the robot are inside the box, the loot will be considered deposited.

      7. Carrying capacity: The robot can carry only two loot chests at a time. The lots must be deposited in the deposition box before looting the third chest.

      8. Picking two chests of the same value: The collected loot must be deposited before collecting another loot of the same value. The same loot cannot be collected twice without deposition. Violation of this rule will invite penalty.

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