Q- Who can participate?

Ans. Students from any college or university may participate in this event. If you are a beginner, resources can help you out.

Q- How many members are allowed in a team?

Ans. A team can have maximum 4 members.

Q. Can I participate without submitting the abstract?

Ans. No. Abstract is important and compulsory. It is required as it is the first selection criterion for participating.

Q. Are there any prerequisites to registering for this event?

Ans. No, but the resources provided in the website should be enough to help you make the working model and to clarify your doubts.

Q. Will any facility be given for charging our equipment?

Ans. Yes, 220V power supply with extension cords will be given.

Q. Do I need a working prototype when register for the Event to pass Phase 1?

Ans. No, the final working model is only needed when you are submitting the video of your robot.