In the preliminary round, the bot should traverse on a black line drawn on a white background which will include acute angle turns, curved tracks and obstacles placed on the track. Top teams from prelims will be provided with a special kit which they have to integrate with their existing bot for the final round. Any queries regarding the final round before the completion of preliminary round will not be encouraged. Details about the kit and its implementation in final round will be specified to the finalists on the completion of preliminary round.

In the final round, track is further extended to the line maze where bot has to solve the line maze by finding a box (should not pick) and returning to the starting point through the shortest path. This sample arena will give you an idea about the event’s rounds. Prelims start at junction C1 and ends at junction C2. And in the Final Round, the track is extended to the maze where the bot has to find a box and return to the starting point C1 through the shortest path.



Obstacle and box dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 15cm (Length x Breadth x Height).

Box will be located within the range of 10cm from the dead end of the track.

Lines to be followed are 3 cm in width.

All measurements and dimensions are permitted with 10% tolerance.