Relive your childhood by playing 7 stones, but with a spark of science. A contest very similar to 7 stones where bots do all the work. Involving two teams, 7 stones requires both teams to build a stack while attacking the enemy’s stack at the same time.

With additions like ramps and beacons, use your bots and strategic skills to dominate the arena by building your stack and defending it from your enemy or by going full offensive and wrecking your enemy’s stack. Will your bots make the stack in time? Or will they be razed to the ground by your enemy? Bring in your ingenious ideas and designs and let’s find out!

                CASH PRIZE - INR 50000

 Prize money will be divided in the ratio 5:3:2


Schedule: Prelims  10 am to 5 pm -- March 4 ,2017 

                   Finals  10 am to 5 pm -- March 5, 2017