Phase 1:

Abstract Submission:

1. The abstract submission is non-eliminative.

2. Rename your abstract to “7StonesAbstract_TeamName.doc” and send us at No other format will be accepted.

3. The deadline for abstract submission is 28th February.

4. Strictly follow the font format: Calibri, Normal, 11

The template of the format can be downloaded from here.

Phase 2:

Onsite round at NIT Trichy.


Game Structure: 

Each Game is a one on one match involving Team Red and Team Blue.

Each team has a Stack bot and an Attack bot.

The arena is divided into two zones, one for each team.

Each zone is further divided into two subzones – Stacking zone and Shooting Zone.


  • Each stack zone has 7 boxes. One of them is slightly larger and has a provision to place balls.

  • The stack zone has a circle within which the boxes have to be piled up.

  • The attack zone has a predefined loading spot containing the shooting balls.

  • There is a ramp in the center of the arena and is split into two parts extending towards each team's stacking zone. The ramp is divided into three levels – top, middle and bottom. The balls are placed in the bottom level. 

  • Each game is divided into two segments - Autonomous Period and Manual Period.

Autonomous Period:  Time Duration: 30 seconds

  • Stack bot/Attack bot will be activated and should be programmed to:

  1. Climb up the ramp.

  2. Activate the Trigger to release the balls onto the arena floor. There will be two release boxes, one for each team. A latch will be provided and the robot should hit the latch to release the balls. This should be done by the any bot. (20 points)


  • If none of the stack bots/attack bots are able to release the colored balls onto the arena floor, it will be done by the event managers manually at the end of the Autonomous Period.

  • There will be 30 seconds of transition time for

    1. Releasing the colored balls manually

    2. Placing the Stack bots/Attack bot on the arena floor at the respective start positions.

Manual Period: Time Duration: 8 minutes

  • The initial 5 minutes is the Stack Period and remaining 3 minutes is the Attack Period.

  • During the Stack period, the Stack bot is expected to do the following tasks:

    1. Placing the balls in the larger box. (10 points per ball)

    2. Having the larger box as the base, stacking the remaining six boxes on top of each other. (10 points per box. NOTE: Final state of piled up boxes are taken into account)

  • During the attack period

    1. The Attack bot has to load the shooting balls from the loading area.

    2. The Attack bot has to shoot and disturb the piled up boxes of the opponent team. After the first attack, the Attack bot can either get on to their respective ramp (with fewer points) or keep attacking the opponent stacks. (NOTE: If the attack bot hits the opponent bots, 10 points will be deducted as penalty for improper attack.)

    3. The Stack bot can still try stacking the box.

  • At the end of the game if the Attack bot climbs to the ramp and stays, the following points are awarded:

    1. Middle level – 20 points

    2. Bottom level – 10 points

  • The box dimensions are given in this format ( Length x Breadth x Height) cm 

    1. Base Boxes (20 x 20 x 10) 
    The box contains an opening of diameter 10cm so that balls can be placed inside this box.

  • 2. Other Boxes are of the following dimensions
  •    15 x 15 x 8
  •    12 x 12 x 8
       10 x 10 x 6
         8 x 8 x 6
         6 x 6 x 6
         6 x 6 x 6

The ramp will be like this: 

The dimensions of the ramp are as follows: 

Inclinations are 10 and 15 degrees. 

All the flat surfaces are 20 inch long and width of the ramp is 25 inch. 

The shooting balls will be plastic balls of 6cm diameter and stacking balls will be spongue balls of 10cm diameter.



Also, there will be an interview by TCS Jury which will be taken into consideration while announcing the winners.