Welcome to the official hospitality portal of Pragyan '17! We understand that you have travelled a lot to make it to Pragyan and we're here to work towards ensuring that your stay here is pleasant throughout. Come and be a part of this year's edition of Pragyan ‘17 - the International Techno-Management Festival of NIT Trichy.

Kindly register for accommodation well in advance.

The registrations for Pragyan hospitality start on February 03, 2359 hrs.

Each person has to register individually - first on the pragyan site (link) and then, after activation, for hospitality. Please note that you can only register once.

On completion of registration, an acknowledgment mail with the payment link will be sent to your email id. After completion of payment, a confirmation mail regarding the same will be sent to your email id.

It is compulsory to bring your college ID card and either a printout or soft-copy of the QR code - available both in the email you registered with, and on our android app (link) after February 25, along with the confirmation mail when you arrive at NIT, Trichy.

Last date for registration is February 25, 2359 hrs.

On arriving at the campus:

You are required to report at the PR desk located at the entrance to the Administrative Block. 

Female participants are requested to reach the campus before 10.00 pm on the day of arrival. 

All external participants/visitors must register at the PR desk by producing their college ID card and pay a small, nominal fee. Only registered participants will be eligible to enter Pragyan and participate in events, workshops and guest lectures among others.

Following this, participants who require accommodation must register at the adjacent Hospitality Desk by producing a soft-copy/printout of the acknowledgement mail sent to them. The hospitality charges are:

Accommodation fee:  Rs. 200 per day (without food)

Caution deposit: Rs 300* (refundable)

You will be issued a Pragyan  booklet and an RFID Card along with the registration kit. You are advised to keep this RFID Card as well as your institute ID card with you at all times. Without your institute ID card your Pragyan RFID Card will be considered invalid.

The participants must check out at their allotted hostels and at the hospitality desk before leaving the campus. Only then will their caution deposit be refunded.

*Caution deposit will be refunded only at the sole discretion of Pragyan.

  1. Kindly note that the accommodation is strictly on a shared basis and any requests for individual rooms or any complaints in this regard shall not be entertained. 

  2. The Hospitality registration is separate from event registrations. 

  3. Hospitality is only available from March 2, 2017 at 1800 hrs to  March 5, 2017 at 1800 hrs.

  4. Girls need to be within the hostel premises, or the designated areas after 9 pm during weekdays and 9:30 pm during weekends.

  5. Participants are requested to take care of their belongings during their stay at NIT, Trichy. Neither Team Pragyan 2017 nor the institute will be held responsible for any loss of property.

  6. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

  7. Any act of misbehaviour inside the campus will be severely dealt with, leading to the immediate expulsion of the team (in question) from the campus and cancellation of registration. 

  8. Any damage caused by the participants to institute property during their stay will result in forfeiture of the caution deposit and/or recovery of the amount due to the damage; whichever is higher.

NIT, Trichy is located about 22 km from Tiruchirappalli Junction / Central Bus stand, on the Trichy-Thanjavur Highway.

The simplest and most economical way to reach NIT-Trichy is by bus. Any city bus at Tiruchirapalli Junction will take you to the central bus stand. Board a Thanjavur-bound mofussil, or route bus. The journey time from Trichy will be around 40 minutes.


The executive way of reaching NIT, Trichy will be hiring a taxi. Taxis may charge around Rs.400/-. Trichy is connected by road to Chennai (320 km), and to all major towns in South India by regular bus services. Tiruchirapalli is an important junction on the Southern Railway. It connects Chennai, Thanjavur, Madurai, Tuticorin, Tirupati, Rameswaram, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Cochin and Mangalore. It has an international airport that is connected with Chennai (Madras),Singapore, Colombo, Kuwait, Sharjah, and Calicut. Indian Airlines connects Trichy with Chennai, Calicut, Sharjah, and Kuwait. Air Lanka Service connects Tiruchirapalli with Colombo.

Click here for a comprehensive list of all nearby hotels.

1) From when can I avail my allotted accommodation?

From 2nd March 2017, 1800 hrs.

2) What are the documents that I am required to bring?

It is mandatory to bring your College ID card. Accommodation confirmation mail can be shown in your smartphone or can be printed out.

3) When will my accommodation get confirmed?

Once you have registered, paid and received the confirmation mail.

4) If my accommodation does not get confirmed can I use the facilities outside the campus?

Yes, you are free to choose from any of the alternative accommodations available. Our site has a list of lodges and hotels close to the campus. The cost of accommodation and booking of rooms should be taken care of by participant.

5) Does the accommodation charge include food?

No, but you can make use of the canteens/food stalls available during Pragyan, at your own expense.

6) When does accommodation close?

Accommodation closes on 5th March 2017, at 1800 hrs.

7) Can I register for accommodation without registering for PR?

No, you need a valid Pragyan RFID to register for accommodation.

8) When will I get my caution deposit back?

The caution deposit shall be refunded at the time of vacating, provided there is no overstay or damage to the room, or any other college property, solely at the discretion of Team Pragyan 2017.

9) What are the charges?

PR Registration Charge : Rs. 100/- per person.

Accommodation Charge : Rs. 200/- per day per person.

Caution deposit : Rs. 300/- per person.

10) Can I vacate earlier than the registered date?

Yes, but the money paid for the extra day(s) will not be refunded.

11) Does workshop registration entitle accommodation as well?

No, you need to register separately for PR and accommodation.

12) Can I cancel accommodation after registering?

Yes, but there will be no refunds.

13) Whom should I approach for accommodation on arrival?

You have to report at the PR and Hospitality desk situated in front of the Administrative Block.

14) Will accommodation be provided if I arrive late in the night?

Yes. But, girls are required to arrive before 10.00 pm.

15) On what basis will accommodation be confirmed?

Accommodation is provided on a first come - first serve basis, and regional proximity of the participant to NIT-Trichy.

Pranave RK
Head, Public Relations
+91 9489066242

Ravi Rishieharan
Head, Hospitality
+91 8870064361


Registrations for Hospitality, Pragyan 2017 are closed.