The magnificence of light, the display of synchronized patterns and arrays of laser streaks spread magic through the air. Laser Show India, the nation's first 3D laser hosts, promise a wonderful evening to every eye and soul awaiting their performance. Be it making light dance to their music, or portraying new brands in a unique manner or playing along inter-dimensional lines, they make light work of it. All kinds of optical illusions are in order, signifying the beauty associated with light in many forms.

Pragyan 2017 bids you another beautiful journey into capturing the wonders technology can exhibit, with its Infotainment- Laser Show by Laser Show India!



"Magic is the only honest profession. A magician promises to deceive you and he does." - Karl Germain

As it is famously said, “every illusion has three parts, or acts - the pledge, the turn and the prestige.” But the best part about illusions is that they never fail to mesmerize you, and for some, it lasts a lifetime. Such was Chris Cheong, the international mentalist and illusionist from Malaysia, who made magic mentalism his career starting from a very young age of 13.

With groundbreaking achievements under his sleeve that include his name in the top 10 magicians of Malaysia, his multiple appearances internationally in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, and the renowned online magic series ‘Mind and Magic’, Cheong is sure to blow your minds and teleport you to another world with his array of unseens and unheard tricks!

Get ready to witness artistry at its best with Pragyan 2017’s Infotainment Show- Chris Cheong, The Illusionist!



It is not everyone’s cup of tea to set the stage on fire with their humor.  Neither can everyone bring tears of laughter to your eyes with their wit. This young man here, is ready to make your day a memorable one and tickle your funny bone. A vociferous YouTuber, an IIT-Kharagpur pass out and comedian at heart who rose to fame with his pretentious movie reviews can only mean one person.

After doing various shows in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, he has chosen his next destination as Trichy. Get ready to witness some moments of brilliant comedy that is sure to leave you reeling with laughter, at Pragyan 2017’s Infotainment- Comedy Night by Biswa Kalyan Rath!



The sky we see is not the one our ancestors saw. The majestic milky way is not projected the way it is, owing to the light pollution in the modern times. But what if we bring back the extraordinary sight to your own eyes? Watch your eyes wet with wonder as the light of a hundred lanterns leave you awestruck and spellbound.

Join with us to celebrate the light of technology and witness a stargaze this Pragyan, as Lumiére, the Night of Lights, is here to turn the night sky for you into an unforgettable and a memorable experience that you will cherish for a long time.

Pragyan '17 Infotainment proudly presents to you the glo(w)rious show, Lumiére!



An amalgam of vigor and glamour, experience modern age technology within a string of memorable performances. Anta Agni, the bold performers of fire and light are all set to mesmerize the crowd with their troupe at Pragyan'17. Incorporating the elements of fire and light, they promise a memorable evening exhibiting the usage of UV lights and more to those awaiting a splendid stageshow. To experience the joy and exhilaration that would fill the air during this act, be part of the Infotainment night at Pragyan'17.