Cross Platform Development

Here’s your one-stop ticket to app development greatness! Take your JAVA knowledge to the next level with this workshop organised by EISystems. EISystems is a technology services company based in Delhi with a multifaceted portfolio, which includes expertise in platforms such as Robotics, Forensics, Internet Consulting, and more.

This one-day workshop from the best offers you a tremendous opportunity to hone your JAVA skills, and take them to their fullest potentials.

Session 1 :

Process and task

Session 2 :

Retrieving extra information

Exploring the preference framework

Session 3 :

Service life cycle.

Session 4:

Introduction to Jquery and content

AJAX navigation

Widget references (practical session)

Session 5 :

Platform supports

Cordova overview

Creating hello world app using cordova( practical )

Session 6 :

Complete build example on accelerometer

Complete build example on camera

Session 7 :

 Complete build example on capture

Complete build example on compass

Session 8 :

Complete build example on Connection

Complete build example on contacts

Session 9 :

Complete build example on device

Complete build example on file

Session 10 :

Complete build example on notifications

Complete build example on splash screen

Session 11 :

Creating a simple registration form using storage.

Accessing a webservice using cordova

Session 12 :

Complete build example on GEO location globalisation (practical)

Fee : Rs. 1000 per participant.

Duration : 1 day

Organiser : EIsystems services.

Dates :

Batch 1 : 4th March

Batch 2 : 5th March

When you register for the workshop you can give your preferred date. However, the allotment of the date slot is subject to availability. After your registration is confirmed, a detailed mail containing the date allotted will be sent.

Please note that registrations will be confirmed only after payment, and on a first come, first serve basis. The confirmation of participation is subject to availability.

Note : The participants are requested to bring laptops of their own.

For further queries , contact

Vishal : 8122349363

Sai Ram : 7358256602

Email :

1) Does the workshop have any prerequisites?
    No prior knowledge is required.

2) How should the payment be made for the workshop?
 -Payment can be made online. Payment guidelines will be mailed to the participant’s mail-id once you have registered.

3) On what basis are workshop registrations confirmed?
 -Registrations are confirmed after payment on first come first serve basis. Confirmation of your participation is subject to availability.

4) Will the fees paid for the workshop be refunded in case I fail to attend the workshop?
 -Fees once paid, is strictly non-refundable. Requests for refund will not be encouraged.

5) Will accommodation be provided?
-Yes. We provide accommodation depending on the availability and your place of residence. You will have to register separately for that. Stay tuned to the website for updates on accommodation.

6) Will certificates be provided?
-Yes. A certificate from Pragyan, the ISO certified Techno-Management Festival of NIT, Trichy with UNESCO patronage will be provided after the completion of the workshop.

7) On what date will the workshop be held?
-When you register for the workshop you can give your preferred date. However, the allotment of the date slot is subject to availability. After your payment is confirmed, a detailed mail containing the date allotted will be sent.