NI Internet of Things

We are in an age where machines and humans are connected like never before, driving the need for internet of things to its summit.  The IOT revolution has brought us many things from locks controllable from your phone to appliances that shut off themselves. But, the IOT journey has just started and is sure to bring us more advances in the years to come.

Get a headstart in the race through an Internet of Things workshop conducted by National Instruments in association with Pragyan. In this 2 day workshop, participants will receive a hands on experience with NI’s LabView, and learn how to interface sensors using MyRIO. Get set to get connected!

Introduction to National Instrument’s Graphical System Design Platform LabVIEW

Introduction & hands on training on LabVIEW

Hands on training on myRIO

Interface sensors & actuators & Cloud environment using myRIO

Build project using myRIO for any IoT application

Date: 4th and 5th March 2017

Cost: 4000 for a team of four

Organiser: National Instruments

Duration: 1 Day

For any queries, contact:

Shrinidhi: 9597849940

Ganesha :9487565740


1) Does the workshop have any prerequisites?
 -No Prior knowledge is required.

2) How should the payment be made for the workshop?
 -Payment can be made online.

3) On what basis are workshop registrations confirmed?
 -Registrations are confirmed after payment on first come first serve basis. Confirmation of your participation is subject to availability.

4) Will the fees paid for the workshop be refunded in case I fail to attend the workshop?
 -Fees once paid, is strictly non-refundable. Requests for refund will not be encouraged.

5) Will accommodation be provided?
-Yes. We provide accommodation depending on the availability and your place of residence. You will have to register separately for that. Stay tuned to the website for updates on accommodation.

6) Will certificates be provided?
-Yes. A certificate from Pragyan, the ISO certified Techno-Management Festival of NIT, Trichy with UNESCO patronage will be provided after the completion of the workshop.


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