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Code character

Bring light to your kingdom cast in darkness.

Troops are at your dispense. Your code is their command. These soldiers take iteratives, not imperatives.

They are only as strong as their weakest link. The only hurdle between you and victory will be the calibre of your conditional statements.

With your eyes set on the enemy’s flag, capture towers and conquer territories, as you crusade your way through. It's up to you to flip that bool.
An AI Programming contest, Code Character is an event where participants write code to control the logic and strategy of their troops in a real time strategy simulation (similar to Age of Empires, but the game is played through code).

Prizes worth INR 20000

Event is completely online based. The leaderboard will be open for about a month, and participants can keep improving their score.


Event is live now. Visit code.pragyan.org to participate.



Leaderboard rank vs other participants

Design an AI to play a strategy game. The rules of the game, and the game code are pre-programmed, you are only required to write your team's logic. A high level API will also be provided, along with detailed documentation. Code will be written in C++.

Coming Up Soon !!!


  • Matches last for 5 minutes.
  • Participants are expected to code in C++.
  • No third-party libraries or systems calls (like spawning threads, accessing file systems) are allowed.
  • Extremely high-level APIs will be provided to assist participants.


Venkatraman - 9962535961

Arun Ramachandran - 8754159628

Or email us at codecharacter@pragyan.org

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