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GPU coding


Are you puzzled about how many dimensions your code can simultaneously run in? This event is the precise place for you to work your way through the functioning of parallel computing down from the basics.

This culmination of workshop and competition will take place over two days and will allow you to probe into the actual working of parallel computing.

Additionally, there will be a special hands-on session with CUDA computing in a massive parallel computing lab and a session on how to program using the parallelization.

This is, indeed, a perfect opportunity for you to satiate your curiosity.

Prizes worth INR 20000


Date: 2nd March 2018 

Time: 12PM to 4PM

Venue: Orion G10


Date: 3rd March 2018 

Time: 10AM to 12PM; 12.30PM to 2.30PM ; 3PM to 5PM

Venue: CUDA lab



Day 0:  It involves the shortlisting of candidates on the basis of a written test. The written test will consist of MCQs mainly about C and C++ languages. There will also be a three-hour workshop and hands-on session to get familiar with the CUDA environment.

Day 1: It consists of the final round where participants have to solve real time problem statements.



  1. Memory efficient coding will gain more points.

  2. Runtime of the code on GPU will be ranked and codes with less runtime will be awarded more points.


  1. Can I participate even if I am just a beginner in the field?
     Yes, this event is designed to train you in GPU Coding by conducting a two day workshop. The competition which will be conducted on the final day will be based on the topics covered in workshop.

  2. Whom do I contact in case of a query?
     Event managers will always be there to answer your queries.

  3.  Is there a registration fee for the event?
    No. GPU Coding, a brand new technical leap, is conducted free of cost.


  • Only one participant is allowed per team.
  • Only shortlisted participants of the workshop will be allowed to participate in the finals.
  • Participants are allowed to use their laptops for workshop, but not in the final round.
  • Judgment of the organisers is final.
  • The final round will be conducted individually based on time slots.
  • Use of internet is not allowed.
  • Only one hour will be given to solve three problem statements.


Pankaj Chandel : 8988225830

Mohd Ateek : 7987633230

Or email us at: gpucoding@pragyan.org

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