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Three's A Crowd


Bring out the inner Mr.Robot in you as this event brings to you an intense and heavy coding atmosphere.‘Three’s a crowd’ demands your skills in data structures, algorithms, basic programming and teamwork as you attempt a vigourous coding exercise as a team of three.

Happy coding!

Prizes worth INR 25000


Date: 2nd March 2018

Time: 4PM to 5:30PM

Venue: Orion G2, G3


Date: 3rd March 2018

Time: 10AM to 2PM

Venue: Octa-Sunlab


This contest tests the following skills:

Algorithm Design
Efficient use of Data Structures
Ability to work as a team
Peer Debugging
Enterprise Code Development Techniques
Problem Solving Abilities
No of Rounds : 2

Round 1 (Prelims) Type : Eliminative
A quizzing round with a series of puzzles, aptitude and a few computer science questions. In the prelims, teams of three would be expected to solve questions on:
Aptitude (Primarily)
Data Structures

Duration : 1 hour.

No of qualifying teams : 8 – 10

Round 2 (Finals):
One large problem will be given which requires efficient use of data structures and algorithms.
It will be divided into sections to enable gains on partial marks.
The teams are free to choose how they split their work.


Coding Phase - In this phase, the team members split, and start working on their respective classes in individual systems. Here, it will be necessary to make calls to functions of other classes that a member is currently not working on. So, the planning phase is crucial. They will work on different sections (left to their discretion) of the problem independently.

After a period of 30 minutes, the team members shuffle in a circular fashion, and continue to code where their teammate left off. This happens for a total of 3 times (i.e., 30+30+30 = 1.5 hrs for this phase).

Integration Phase - In this phase, the teams get to integrate their code on one system, and debug their classes. The teams can test their codes with sample inputs provided. This will last for an hour.

Total duration – 3 hours


  • Qualification to the finals is determined by the event organizers based upon the scores of prelims. The top 8-10 teams will be shortlisted.

  • No external judges are required. Hackerrank’s OJ will be used throughout the contest.

  • All the three modules/sections will be combined, compiled and tested with the inputs of the moderator.

  • The test cases of the problem statement can and will be changed dynamically in order to test the efficiency of solutions in case the leaderboard is cluttered.

  • In case of any ties, more efficient solutions and further more readable solutions will be given preference. Appropriate language linting programs will be used to gauge readability.


The finals will consist of a long and original problem that comprises of smaller modules. The problem statement will be disclosed only after the event starts.


1)Are we allowed to access the web during the finals?

No, the teams will not be allowed to access the web. However if the organisers feel the need for it they can make e-books like CLRS (for DS & Algo) available to the needing participants.

2)Can less than three participate in the event?

Team of three is compulsory for the finals - no more, no less. In the prelims, exceptions can be made for a team size of less than three in case of clashing events etc. Upon qualification, if the team fails to participate in full strength in the finals, the team will be removed from selection and the next best deserving team will be given a chance to participate in the finals.

3)Will the test cases be made available during the contest as part of being questioned on its validity?

No. The test cases are designed such that they eliminate the inefficient solutions. They would be thoroughly tested on the most efficient algorithms on multiple platforms. In the last three years we have never faced the need to entertain any queries regarding the validity or authenticity of the questions or the pertaining test cases.



  • Each team must have three members in it.
  • The timings must be strictly adhered to.
  • Judgement of organizers is final.
  • The three team members are not allowed to communicate during the independent phase of the final round. They can only pass vital information like explaining their algorithm in the comments of the code. If a team is found communicating, they will be subjected to disqualification.
  • The use of internet, mobile devices, or any other electronic devices during the prelims or the finals will lead to immediate disqualification.


Harish - +91 95978 95555

Rishab - +91 81228 42729

Or email us at 3scrowd@pragyan.org

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