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Event Description:

It is an architectural design competition meant for designing students. All participants will be given a Design Problem Statement to work on. They have to study, solve, calculate and work on the design and present a technically sound product which should be aesthetically pleasing, feasible to build and reliable as well. It tests not just the creativity but the technical knowledge and engineering expertise of the participants as well.

Prizes worth INR 20000

Event Format:

Round 1:

The participants are supposed to submit an abstract pertaining to their idea or solution on or before 1st March 2018.

To submit your abstract:
1. Click 'Upload Abstract' which will lead you to a new page.
2. Exercise the provision to upload files on the new page.
3. With that, your submission of abstract is complete.

Upload Abstract

Round 2:

The shortlisted participants. are supposed to do a 3D Simulation/ Presentation and send it to aakar@pragyan.org on or before 16th March.



Design a School for differently abled children

For a child, school play an important role in his/her life.

However, for special schools that cater to the needs of differently abled children who struggle with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities is a bit different. For such schools, staff and resource should be addressed looking at the needs of these children.

The designer should focus on spaces in building such that it makes differently abled children independent and acceptable to the society. These kind of schools strive to develop self-confidence, social skills and interpersonal skills in the children. The schools act as the educational and developmental anchors of the differently abled children. Many such schools provide opportunities for their students to gain computer skills and vocational training that suits their special abilities. Generally such schools ensure that teachers provide instructions to individual students or small groups of students so that their needs can be addressed in a proper manner. Extra-Curricular also form a part of the educational course in such schools.

The building should be planned keeping in mind the above details and most importantly energy-efficiency in mind.

The school should have good allocation of space, such that minimum disturbance is felt by children as there are multiple activities happening at the same time. Thus we achieve our objective i.e., a high-quality, eco-efficient and timeless building which serves these children to develop self-confidence and build a name in society.

Judging Criteria:

Functionality and technicality of the solution provided

Fulfilling the aesthetic purpose

Economic feasibility

Cost efficiency


1. Who can participate?

Anyone interested in design and is currently an enrolled student of any undergraduate course in engineering or architecture can participate.

2. Can the team members be of different departments?

Yes, the team members can belong to different departments and different years, as long as they are still enrolled in an undergraduate course.

3. Is online registration compulsory?

Yes, online registration is compulsory before the mentioned deadline on our website.


A maximum of 3 members will be allowed per a team.

Abstracts are to be submitted before the deadline.

Event is open for all the department students

Mohansai - +91 9994481177

Anisha - +919445101587


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