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Do you find decryption of puzzles fascinating? A heady race against time ? A venturesome experience track ? Then this treasure hunt is something you would enjoy the most!

Participants are supposed to discover the treasure spot using pure numerical and alphabetical data provided. With the help of the decoded data, surveying principles and techniques, the participants can reach the destination.

Prizes worth INR 25000


Date: 3rd March 2018

Time: 2PM to 5:30PM

Venue: LH13


Date: 4th March 2018

Time: 7AM to 10AM

Venue: Civil Survey Hall



Round 1:

This is an eliminative written round. Both objective and subjective questions can be asked. This round comprises of aptitude, conventional and advanced surveying techniques.

Round 2:

Final round will be held on the field. From the numerical and alphabetical data provided, shortlisted teams from round one should perform a surveying task and pass to the next level. In a span of 2 hours the team needs to find the treasure.


Apt and accurate use of the surveying equipments given.

First team to reach the final point wins.


1. Are participants from different colleges as a team allowed ?

Ans. Yes.

2. Is it a maximum of 3 members per team or 2 members are allowed ?

Ans. It’s strictly 3 members per team.

3. Can the teams be a mix of UG and PG students?

Ans. No the participants must be pursuing UG only.

4. Is any registration fee required?

Ans. No.

5. How will the teams know if they are selected for the next round ?

Ans. The shortlisted teams will be called  within 3 hours of completion of first round.

6. Will surveying instruments be provided?

Ans. Yes. Necessary equipments will be provided.

7. Will any participation certificate be given ?

Ans. No, participation certificates won't be given.


➢   A team must comprise of 3 members exactly.

➢   At least 2 members of the teams should be from civil engineering stream.

➢   Calculators are allowed in the final round only.

➢   Material and surveying equipment will be provided to the teams.

➢   The task must be completed in the given span of time.


Vidhya - +91 9444769247

Sethu - +91 9489175023

Email us at topographya@pragyan.org

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