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NFS Aqua


Have you ever witnessed an event on water? Have you ever built a Radio-Controlled boat? Want a platform to showcase your talent? We present NFS AQUA - an opportunity for you to prove your mettle.

NFS AQUA is an event for remote controlled boats. Participants are required to bring an RC boat with required specifications. They have to compete on a given task in a water track prepared with certain difficulties.

Prizes worth INR 40000


Date: 2nd March 2018

Time: 10AM to 5PM

Venue: Swimming Pool


Date: 3rd March 2018

Time:10AM to 5PM

Venue: Swimming Pool



There will be an abstract submission followed by three rounds in which participants will be eliminated in each round and finally three of them will stand as winners.


Each participant will be required to submit an abstract. Participants should mention the length and width of the boat, RPM of motor used, the voltage of the battery used and other specifications. In case more than one motor or battery is used, it should be mentioned. Deadline for Abstract Submission is 24th Feb 2018.

To submit your abstract:
1. Click 'Upload Abstract' which will lead you to a new page.
2. Exercise the provision to upload files on the new page.
3. With that, your submission of abstract is complete.

Upload Abstract



This is a speed testing round. Participants will have a race on a set of two or three. Points will be awarded according to the time taken. Participants with the least points will be eliminated.   


In this round the arena will be designed in specific shapes like “S” ,“R”, “T”, or “Z”. The main objective of this round is to test the control of the boat. The time taken for each participant to complete the round will be noted. Participants with least points will be eliminated.


This round contains several tasks where each participant will be given a specific task on the basis of chits taken by the participant. The participants will be required to reach specific objects according to their task in a zigzag path.The arena will be filled with obstacles and points would be deducted if the participant commits a foul.

Tasks will be as follows  -


Here a picture is made into parts and placed in different parts of the arena. Participants will need to identify them in order.


The participants are required to solve the given puzzle. The answer to the puzzle will be in the form of words wherein she/he requires to control the boat to travel from the first letter to the last letter which are placed in the pool.


  • In the first round, a race will be conducted in slots and there will be 5 teams per slot. The team that takes minimum time will be given 20 points and second, third will be given 19, 18 respectively and so on.
  • In the second round, points will be rewarded using the same criteria as the first round.
  • Sum of the points in first and second round will be calculated and top 10 teams will be allowed for third round.
  • In third round 50 points will be rewarded at the completion of each checkpoint.
  • If boat touches the arena, 1 point will be deducted. If it touches the balls, 2 points will be deducted. If it touches the pad, 4 points will be deducted. If it touches the ring, 6 points will be deducted. If it halts near the blower, 10 points will be deducted.
  •  Points will also be rewarded according to the time taken in the third round.
  • Points = (max. time taken – time taken by participant)  in seconds.
  • Winner will be decided by his/her points in the third round.


Q1. Is it a maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?

 Ans. Strictly 3

Q2. Can a team consist of participants from different colleges?

Ans. Yes

Q3. Is UG-PG collaboration allowed?

Ans. Yes

Q4. Is there any registration fee?

Ans. No

Q5. When will I be intimated if I am selected for the next round?

Ans. As soon as the round is completed and evaluation is done, you will be intimated over phone call for the same, if qualified.

Q6. Will any facility for charging our equipment be given at the venue?

Ans. Yes

Q7. Are On-Spot registrations allowed?

Ans. Yes, but you will have to get your Pragyan ID.


1.If a boat starts before the whistle, the counter will be restarted and it will be given a second chance. However, if any boat starts before the whistle the second time, it will be disqualified.

2.The participants must place their boats at the start/finish line before the start of the race.

3.If there is a tie then the respective teams will be given 1 more run.

4.The track will have check points at regular intervals. If a boat tumbles, or halts, or goes off the arena at any point on the track, one of the organizers will lift it up and place it at the nearest checkpoint behind that point, and until then all the stop watches will be paused.

5. Top 10 teams with maximum sum of points in round 1 and 2 will go to the next round. If the number of the participants are more, then more teams will be allowed to go to the next round.

Rules regarding boat and teams :

1. A maximum of 3 members in each team.

2. The team need not consist of members from the same college.

3.There is no restriction on the number of teams from each college.

4.Length of the boat should be less than 17 inches.

5. Width of the boat should be less than 8 inches.

6.Battery used should have a capacity of less than 9V.

7.RPM of the motor should be less than 8000. More than one motor, if required, can be used.

NOTE- When one participant is performing, others have to hand over their remote controllers to the events team/ organisers.

Under all circumstances, judges' and event coordinators' decisions are final and binding on all participants.


Mukesh Yogi -8504969805

Lokesh -9629445632


Or email us at nfsaqua@pragyan.org

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