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Pragyan Design Challenge



It's an exclusive event for students who are interested and skilled in using computer aided design software and other modeling packages.

Prizes worth INR 30000

Date: 2nd March 2018

Time: 10AM to 5PM

Venue: Orion G12


Round 1 (3D design) :

  • The participants will have to design a CAD model from the given orthographic views of the component.

  • Each participant must convert the given views into an isometric view of the component using a CAD software.

  • The participant must send the screenshots of every view of the model, as well as the part file of the model through email.

  • This is an online submission round. Deadline for submitting the CAD model: 18th Feb 2018, 11:59 PM.

  • To submit your CAD Files:
    1. Click 'Upload Abstract' which will lead you to a new page.
    2. Exercise the provision to upload files on the new page.
    3. With that, your submission of CAD File is complete.

  • 4 - 5  Screenshots (orthographic views of component) should be uploaded to a word document and it has to be uploaded as a file.

Upload Abstract

Participants are required to design a 3D view of the chess knight (given component), with a base diameter of 6cm, and an overall height of 10cm. The chess knight must be able to fit into a cube of edge 10cm.
NOTE: The given image(component) is the right and left isometric views of the chess piece.

Component (For Round-1):


The chess knight's base must be circular. All the dimensions of the intricacies in the component can be taken arbitrary but the chess knight must have a circular base of 6 cm and height 10 cm.

Round 2 ( 3D design and model submission ) :

  • This is an offline round.

  • The participant must design a unique solution/ model for any of the given problem statements.

  • He/she must make a proper model along with cost and material analyses for the design.

  • Extra marks will be awarded if participants can make simulations and animations to describe their model.

  • They should have made static/ dynamic analysis to ensure its safety.

  • Participants should be present before the judges on the day of the event.

  • Any modeling software can be used.

  • This offline round will happen during Pragyan’18.

Note: Please stay tuned to the website for the schedule details.




1. A modern day foldable bicycle that is compact and portable.

2. A solar powered tent or camping equipment that can be set up anywhere, with good power source, futuristic design, aesthetic and should be cost effective.

3. A garden machine capable of doing any of the following tasks:
I). Removing weeds
II). Harvest crops or 
III).Plant saplings or
IV).Spray pesticides or fertilizers
or any other useful gardening operation. 

NOTE for 3rd problem statement:
Participant can also combine all of above tasks(mentioned in 3rd problem statement) in a single model.Model can also have additional useful features.


  • Creativity and ideas implemented in the model.

  • Detailing and the level of usage of the provisions available in the software.

  • Feasibility and marketability of the model.

  • Simulations and analysis of the model carried out if any.

  • Presentation of the model for the judges.

  • Focusing on the working/material used/cost effectiveness.



1. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?

Maximum 3.

2. Are cross college teams allowed?


3. Are UGPG collaboration teams allowed?


4. Is any registration fee required?


5. When will I be intimated if I am selected for the next round?

Around 10 days before Pragyan’ 18

6. Any help if we use some particular Softwares?

No, because we will be needing only the IGES/STEP file from your side.

7. Any extra points if we get a fabricated model/ prototype?

NO, this event is for testing only your design skills specifically through computer based softwares.

8. What analysis can we come up with for the models?

Preferably begin with Static Structural analysis and show that it has an optimum Factor of Safety, then go ahead with Dynamic Analysis. In certain cases, Thermal (Static/Transient) can also be done.

9. Is analysis of the model compulsory?


10. Any particular file formats necessary?

Yes, get your:

 a) Model in IGES/STEP format preferably

 b) Drawings in .dwg or converted to .pdf. 

 c) For the analysis carried out using softwares, get pictures and copy them into your powerpoint file (.ppt); manual calculations can be neatly done, scanned and attached to the .ppt file too.

 d) Other photos if any u can get them, as .jpg if you aren't uploading them in your .ppt file.

 e) Animation videos can be .mp4/.avi/.3gp and must preferably be linked to your .ppt file.

 f) In case of files apart from .ppt a folder must be submitted well before the time of your presentation through a pen drive to the organizers on the event day.


  • Maximum of 3 members can participate as a team.

  • Change of problem statement after 3D model submission is not allowed.

  • Judges’ decision is final and binding.



Sivasri:+91 9597138152

Jai:+91 9790483293

Arun:+91 9655527709

Or email us at pdc@pragyan.org

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