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Salvation games


“Engineering gives life to our dreams”

Marking the above quote, this is a battle where the fuel to the rush in adrenaline is replaced with scraps and other materials that we provide, and the bloodlust is now a techlust where you must produce a working model based on the problem statements to compete with others.

Prizes worth INR 25000


Date: 2nd March 2018

Time:10AM to 5PM

Venue: Central Workshop


Date: 3rd March 2018

Time:10AM to 5PM

Venue: Central Workshop


Date: 4th March 2018

Time:10AM to 5PM

Venue: Central workshop (Basketball Court)




  • This round will take place in the form of an online questionnaire.

  • The questionnaire will consist of 50 multiple choice questions.

  • Questions will be based on physics, mechanics, mechanisms and recent advancements in technology.

  • Time available will be restricted to a maximum of 1 hour.

  • Only one submission per team is allowed.

  • Participants are requested to submit the answers before the time limit. Otherwise, answers won’t be recorded.

  • To participate in the quiz click here.

  • The link will be active from 20:00,13th February 2018 to 20:00, 15th February 2018 


  • This round is an abstract submission round. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 20th February.

  • The teams shortlisted from the first round will be required to submit an abstract of their idea pertaining to the problem statement.

  • The abstract should consist of exact design, the junk needed to fabricate the design and the quantity of junk required.

  • The design can be made in any 3D modeling software. Neat hand drawn or printed formats of the design are also acceptable.

  • The design must be a working model related to the problem statement.

  • Only materials that are used on a daily basis can be used as junk. Special junk is not permitted.

  • Only one submission per team is allowed.

  • The time, date, and link for submission abstract round will be updated via message or mail.

  • The six best designs will be selected for next round.


  • This round will take place during Pragyan 2018.

  • The shortlisted teams will have to fabricate their design.

  • The fabrication should be done only using the given materials and available tools.

  • The teams will be evaluated based on their design of the model and the actual fabricated model.


  • This round will consist of a game.

  • All selected teams will be participating in this round.

  • Teams are expected to participate in this game, using the working model fabricated in the previous rounds.

  • It will be conducted during Pragyan.

  • The game and its rules will be given to the contestants, on the spot.

Note: The dates of the rounds will be up when the schedule is released. Stay tuned for more updates.


  • Design

  • Creativity

  • Effective utilisation of the materials provided

  • Time of completion

  • Team work

  • Fabrication skills

  • The maximum payload it can carry

  • The maximum distance it can travel with and without payload.

  • Game


To design and fabricate a self-propelling vehicle that can carry a payload and cover maximum distance possible.

F.A.Q: -

1. Is there any registration fee?


2. What are the things that we will be provided with?

You will be provided with the standard tools in the workshop and materials that is required to fabricate. Materials won’t be of your own choice.

3. Is it for UG/PG/PhD?

Any team with its team members having valid Pragyan IDs can participate. The team needs to pass the initial online round, and needs to retain its members till the final round; failing which the team will be disqualified.

4. Do all participants have to be from the same college?

No. The members of the team can be from different colleges.

5. How will we be informed whether we are shortlisted for the round two?

You will be informed via call, message or e-mail.

6. Can Participants use Engines or Motors in their model?

No, Engines or Motors aren't allowed.


  • A team can have a maximum of 4 members.

  • Team members cannot be changed after registration.

  • The designs cannot be changed after the submission. Any deviation or modification from the submitted design, will invite a penalty of points.

  • Materials will be provided on spot and candidates are not allowed to make use of their own materials.

  • Selected candidates must be physically present at the venue informed, for the final round.

  • Event managers’ decisions are final and binding, in case of any conflicts. All candidates must abide by the rules and general conduct of the workshop.


Siddharth – 9790808368

Harshavardhan K - 9789804673

Muni Kumar – 9790479642

Or email us at salvationgames@pragyan.org

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