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Ever wondered why things are the way they are? Does the working and reason behind the existence of things make your mind agog? Then, buckle up for you will be tested on how you perceive and understand everything, and by everything, we mean everything.

Come, participate in the How Stuff Works Quiz and win exciting prizes.

Prizes worth INR 12000

Date: 2nd March 2018

Time: 2PM to 6PM

Venue: A2 Hall



There will be a prelims followed by a finals. The top 8 teams from the prelims will qualify for the finals.


  • The top 8 teams from the prelims qualify for the finals.

  • Format of judging and scoring will be revealed during the event.


1. What is HSW?

HSW stands for How Stuff Works and as the name suggests, it deals with the working of any device or phenomenon from the field of science and technology.

2. How do I participate?

All you need to do is register for the event in the Pragyan website and show your Pragyan ID at the commencement of the event.


  • Teams of 3

  • Written Prelims

  • Top 8 teams qualify to the finals

  • Cheating/Misconduct by any means will lead to disqualification.


  • Joy Bhattacharya - +91 9629833113

  • Sreenivas Saurab Kumar  - +91 97899 95295

  • Or email us at: quiz@pragyan.org


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