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Ever fancied being the whip cracking, swashbuckling treasure hunter Indiana Jones, but didn't want to leave the comfort of your room? Look no further. Indiana Jones meets Watchdogs, in this spectacular online treasure hunt. Gathering viable information from the clues hidden in a page, be it in the URL or source code, deduce an answer that will take you to the next level. So gather your whips, pull on your hats, the game is on, the hunt is afoot.

Trial round happens between 10th  and 11th February 2018.

Visit labyrinth.pragyan.org to participate.

Starting Date: 17th February 2018

End Date : 23rd February 2018

Prizes worth INR 25000 and Goodies for crossing Level 35, 45 and 55 respectively. 


There are several levels. As you clear each level, you will be directed to the next level. On each level clues will be hidden within the webpage. All you need to do is to find and relate all such clues to arrive at an appropriate answer. This answer must then be entered in an input box.


  • Players are ranked in order of the levels completed.

  • In case of ties, the participant who have completed the latest level will be given first priority


Find the answer keys to next level in the present level. This applies to all the levels. Based on clues given on the page including images, audio/visual info, page URL and source code of the page, find the keys to unlock the next level. Additional clues will also be given by the moderators on the forum.


1. What is Labyrinth?

Labyrinth is a pre-Pragyan event. It is an online treasure hunt event that involves solving the clues provided at each level.

2. Who can participate in the event?

Anyone who have their names registered will be provided with a Pragyan ID, with which they can participate in the event.

3. How will be ranking system?

Players are ranked based on the number of levels they have completed. Players who are on the same level will be ranked based upon the no of attempts they have tried. If this also ends up in tie then the total time taken will be considered.

4 .Where to find the clues?

Clues can be anywhere in the Labyrinth webpage. Common places are Page title, URL, source code. The images or the texts that is given will be obvious clues.

5. What to do if you get stuck on a level?

Try to unearth all the clues. If you have any queries, then start discussion on the forum.(Discussing or sharing answers will not be entertained).

6. What if the answers have more than one word?

The correct way to enter the answer is to type WITHOUT SPACES OR PUNCTUATION between  the words. All the answers will be in lowercase. Eg-If the answer is ‘Tokyo, Japan’ the  you must enter as ‘tokyojapan’.

7. Are there any prerequisites needed?

Zero skills are needed to participate in this event. Just out of box thinking and Googling skills will help you most of the times.


  • Submit the correct answer to proceed to the next level.

  • Players are ranked based on how many levels they have completed.

  • In case of ties, the player who has cracked the latest level will be ranked first.(The time stamps will be in milliseconds so that the chances of a  tie will be reduced greatly)

  • All the answers should be in lowercase without punctuation. Eg: “Asphalt’s-123” should be typed as “asphalts123”.

  • All decisions by the event managers are final and binding.


Anshuman Agrawal - 7675012631

Joy Bhattacharya-9629833113

Or email us at: labyrinth@pragyan.org

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