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Does solving puzzles and problems give you a buzz? Was R.D. Sharma your guide growing up? Well then, this event is for you.

A one-of-a kind mathematical event that tests your problem solving skill. Can you become the Edward Nigma, and solve the enigma?

Starting Date: 25th February 2018

End Date : 27nth February 2018

Contest is live!  Visit https://www.pragyan.org/mdecoder/

Prizes worth INR 15000


This is an online event spanning over three days and will be open for 5 hours each day from 19:00 to 00:00. the participant can start the contest anytime within this time frame and will be allowed to play for 2 hours from their start time.

The event will have 3 sections (easy, medium and hard). The participant will be directed to the hard section first and the other sections remain locked. Once the participant feels the need to shift to the next section (medium), they can permanently lock the hard section and move on to the medium section. The same procedure is applicable for the transition from medium to easy. The participant with most points at the end of the third day wins. The participant will be allowed to submit only thrice for each question.

Missed out on a day of participation? Worry not. You can still solve the previous day's questions in that 5 hour period the next day. As you may expect, the scores will be reduced for those problems. For further details about scoring, please visit judging criteria. You can only see questions from the immediate previous day. That is, you cannot see 1st day's questions on 3rd day.

The scoring will be based on the time at which you submit the right answer.


Maximum scores:

Hard => 600

Medium => 300

Easy => 100

The score will be calculated based on your submission time. The formula used for the calculation is as follows,

Score = max_score - (max_score * time/(max_score + time))

where time is (number of minutes from the start of time of contest on that day)/2.

The score for the questions from previous day will be calculated using the same formula as above but time will start with a penalty of 7 hours (420 minutes).


1.What are the maximum weights assigned to each section?

Hard - 600

Medium - 300

Easy - 100 points

2. Can I come back to the Hard section after I finish  Easy?

No, you cannot. The sections are permanently locked.

3. What happens if I finish before time?

Your score will be locked and you will not be able to proceed to earlier sections.

4. Will spare time be carried over to succeeding days?



This is an individual event. Participants are required to login to the portal between 19:00 and 00:00 on each day to compete.


Varunram - 73389 51501
Rohith - 82204 61376
Joy - 9629833113

Or email us at: mdecoder@pragyan.org

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