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The ever increasing demand of basic needs is taking its toll on the environment, though we wish otherwise.

The injustice we would be doing to our future generations by depriving them of the treasures of the earth would be unpardonable. Bearing this in mind, it’s time we put in place, a proper management system and an impeccable design of harvesting, so that we leave the earth a better place for the generations to come.

LEAP, in association with Pragyan, presents Greenville, an event where participants systematically analyse various issues plaguing the environment to come up with suitable solutions for the same.

The participants are required to choose any one topic from the problem statement, identify major challenges and suggest implementable solutions.

Prizes worth INR 30000


Date: 2nd March 2018

Time: 2PM to 5PM

Venue: Orion G6




The participants should register in teams of 4 and submit an abstract in less than 1000 words, on the challenge identified. The abstract should be uploaded on or before the 25th of February 2018. 

To submit your abstract:
1. Click 'Upload Abstract' which will lead you to a new page.
2. Exercise the provision to upload files on the new page.
3. With that, your submission of abstract is complete.

Upload Abstract


  • Presentation at NIT Trichy in front of Judges comprising of the following:
  • Detailed information about the chosen problem and solution.

  • Detailed description about the idea and the experiments.

  • Economic Analysis.

  • Feasibility for implementation.

  • Preferable Model Presentation – simulation or handmade


Top 15 teams will be shortlisted to this round.


  • Originality of the idea.

  • Innovativeness of the solution.

  • Feasibility of implementation.

  • Economic nature and eco-friendliness of the proposed solutions.

  • Sustainability of the solution.

  • Understanding the issue.

  • Model (preferable for better understanding of the idea).


Environmental problems, often being large-scale, come with an intimidating intensity that pushes us to solve smaller problems instead of taking up the responsibility to solve larger ones. Living in the era of technological growth, it is high time we take these environmental issues seriously and work towards plausible solutions.

There are four broad area of interests which need high attention namely





Participants are required to choose an area of interest out of the above four, find a specific problem in the chosen area of interest, suggest an economical way of implementing the remedy for it, and work on it to design a practically feasible model.

For example:

Area of interest- WATER SCARCITY

Specific problem- Neglected rainwater harvesting systems which would save tons of water for future usage.

The work flow for this problem would start with a detailed study on the existing rainwater harvesting system, followed by technological changes that can be incorporated in the system for better efficiency and effectiveness, and eventually culminating into the design of a plausible model that can be implemented in real time.

F.A.Q.: -

1) Is it a maximum of 4 people or strictly a team of 4?

It is a maximum of 4. But no special credit for teams with lesser participants.

2) Is any registration fee required?

No, there is no registration fee. But you must be registered on the Pragyan website and should possess a valid Pragyan ID.

3) Are UG-PG collaboration teams, cross-college teams allowed?


4) When will I be informed if I am selected for the next round?

 You will be informed through email, one week after the deadline.

5) How many entries per team?

 Only one entry per team. In case of multiple entries, the first entry will be considered.


  • Abstract should be submitted before the deadline.

  • Registration on the Pragyan site is compulsory.

  • Font size should ensure legibility.

  • Abstracts should be mailed in pdf format, less than 1000 words, to greenville@pragyan.org.

  • Specifications for the presentation: Maximum of 30 slides

  • Copied ideas and vague ideas will not be entertained.


Sumadhar: 7382984342

Upesh Sai: 9790484108

Nikhil: 9491461061

Cluster head:-


Or email us at: greenville@pragyan.org

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