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IOT Challenge


Do you feel that the internet has been the most significant idea to have ever been conceived, among the many revolutionary technologies across human history? Do you believe that to better understand our surroundings, and in turn, ourselves, we must enhance ourselves with many smaller smart devices working with us in tandem?

At the outset of a new era of smarter and intelligent systems interacting with one another, the Internet of Things has kickstarted an age where people can augment themselves with remote interconnected devices. Pragyan’ 18 presents ‘IoT Challenge’, an event for aspiring tech enthusiasts to exhibit their innovative ideas to a wider audience.

Get ready to tinker with cutting-edge tech ideas and revolutionize our everyday lives.

Prizes worth INR 50000

Date: 4th March 2018

Time: 10AM to 5PM

Venue: Orion G4



Round 1: Abstract Screening.

Participants must submit the abstract of their project before 26th January 2018.

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended till 26th January 2018.

The abstract should contain the following details:

1.   Core concept and idea.

2.   Steps taken to implement the idea.

3.   Breakdown of the idea into modules/systems and their working.

4.   Components used.

5.   Approximate budget of the project.

6.   Explanation of the real-life application.

7.   Target audience (or) Beneficiaries.

8.   Market analysis.

To submit your abstract:
1. Click 'Upload Abstract' which will lead you to a new page.
2. Exercise the provision to upload files on the new page.
3. With that, your submission of abstract is complete.

Upload Abstract

Round 2:

After shortlisting the abstracts from round 1, this is the follow-up stage where the participants would be contacted to inquire about their progress and guided if necessary.

Round 3:

The participants are supposed to exhibit their models and also give a PowerPoint presentation for around 4-5 minutes, explaining their idea and implementation.

Participants should also give a presentation for 4-5 mins on the day of event about their prototype.




With ‘data’ playing a crucial role in IoT, the participants can come up with efficient solutions using the data gathered in any one of the following areas given (or) implement any of your own ideas too.

These topics are listed below to just give you a head-start to the domain of IoT.


1.   Utilizing the data available from the vehicles (bus/car/train), come up with solutions for improving vehicle efficiency and safety, and making it more user-friendly.

2.      Efficient solutions for traffic management and reduction in vehicle congestion.

Healthcare and Smart Home:

1.   How could an intelligent and connected home make your everyday life easier? (the participants can work on any specific area regarding homes like energy consumption, improving a specific room in the house (kitchen, hall, etc))

2.   How can you make your environment, i.e, the personal space around you smarter?

3.      Integrate healthcare and IoT to make it more accessible and cheaper


1.      Using IoT come up with solutions for improving the cultivation and storage of crops.


There’s absolutely no restriction to work only on the domains listed above. You can very well implement your own idea pertaining to IoT. Grading of the abstracts is entirely independent of the domain being chosen. It depends only on your idea and its real-life applications.


The Judging Panel will make their selection based on the following criteria:

1.   Perceived market opportunity

2.   Originality and creativity, including perceived differentiation from competition

3.   Technical maturity and viability of proposed approach

4.   Proposers’ expertise and ability to feasibly create a successful outcome

5.      Judges' decision is final and cannot be altered


1. Is it a maximum of 4 people or strictly a team of 4?

Ans. Maximum of 4

2. Are cross-college teams allowed?

Ans. Yes

3. Are UG-PG collaboration teams allowed?

Ans. Yes

4. Is any registration fee required?

Ans. No



  • Students from any college or university of any year can participate in this competition.
  • There should be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of four members per team.
  • The team must register for the event at Pragyan Website.
  • Finalists should be physically present at the venue on the day of the event conducted during Pragyan ’18.


Venkatesh Bharadwaj S – 7010422937

Ashish Kumar Kola – 9025937741

Rakesh Raj - 9790487898

Or email us at: iot@pragyan.org


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