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This March, get a feel of what your daily work commute will look like. In true sci-fi fashion, this means of commute propels you through a near-vacuum at blinding speeds. Pragyan presents, Hyperloop India - the future of transportation!


Bionic arm

The world as we know it, is moving towards an age of automation. More and more devices are being built to enhance and ease human effort. The Bionic Arm infuses robotics, biotechnology, and electronics to recreate the functions of the human arm, and has been instrumental in aiding the amputees in recent years. Staying true to this technological revolution is the Bionic Arm, brought to you by Pragyan, NIT Trichy, this March.


Pragyan, NIT Trichy presents UGears - an array of intricately crafted self-propelled mechanical models from Ukraine.
Ugears, a.k.a. Ukrainian Gears, are engaged in the development and production of three-dimensional puzzles to enhance technical creativity in children and adults. Make your way to Pragyan 2018 to witness an impressive array of locomotive engines running without batteries, and rediscover the inner child in you!


This Pragyan, witness the pinnacle of innovations in the field of robotics, with InMoov, the humanoid robot invented by Gaël Langevin. The robot, constructed from 3D printable plastic body components, is operated using Arduino microcontrollers, and is capable of perceiving sound, light, and can speak and move independently. This robot, which can respond to voice commands, has immense potential due to the fact that it can be assembled purely using a 3D printer. Experience the surreality of InMoov as you interact with the Java-based robot during Pragyan 2018.


This invention made viral rounds on the Internet. The pride of every Indian school, Kalam SAT, is a Femto Satellite created by a team of high school students from Pallapatti, Tamil Nadu. Led by an 18-year old boy named Rifath Sharook, the team built the world's lightest satellite and named it after Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
KalamSAT, which was launched by NASA on the Terrier Orion sounding rocket in June 2017, is making its way to Pragyan 2018. Make your way to the exhibition stalls to be amazed by one of the most incredible inventions of 2017!


Exploring the scientific brilliance of rockets would have been a childhood dream of many. Witness the ingenuity of space crafts at Pragyan ‘18, with ISRO’s rockets and propulsion models. Be prepared to unleash the curiosity within you!


Experience the awe-inspiring splendor of Indian Air Force’s drones and RC planes, only at Pragyan 2018. A not-to-miss exhibition for aeromodelling fanatics, aviation enthusiasts and everyone else in between. Here is an opportunity to fall in love with an exciting and rewarding domain!


This Pragyan, step into the next dimension of artificial intelligence with Wipro's Windy bot. Windy is an AI software that can process your questions and answer accordingly. Do not miss this opportunity to experience cutting edge technology, at its best.