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Azeem Banatwalla, a stand up artist on the YouTube channel East India Comedy, is one of the best in the business, known for his merciless humour. After changing fields from engineering to writing and then to stand-up comedy, he finally found his true calling. A specialist in intelligent, observational English stand-up comedy, Azeem had done over 150 public shows over 2015, and has toured across India and Asia. Pragyan is immensely happy to present to you an in-demand artist of such stature, for there is no doubt that laughter is all you'll hear at the Infotainment show this year.



The Parchai Group is a shadow arts performing dance troupe, hailing from Mumbai. Having won the reality show ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’, and being the grand finalists of India’s Got Talent, Season 4, they are no ordinary shadow arts troupe, but true maestros of their trade. They have performed for multiple major corporates such as Johnson & Johnson, Michelin India, HP Printers and the like. Don't miss a chance to witness them live at this edition of Pragyan!


Shao the Manipulator is a member of multi visual group originating from Poland. He entered the semi finals of the MAM talent show and has received commendation from the city's mayor for his talent. Drawing interest and inspiration from contact juggling in 2004 , Shao quickly mastered his art and reached the semi finals of Poland's Got Talent. Be ready to be stunned into awe this Pragyan!



Shawn Chua is a professional ventriloquist and comedy magician from Singapore. Considered to be one of the top ventriloquists in Asia , he has featured his brand of magic-ventriloquism at comedy nights, corporate events and touring shows across countries like Thailand and China, and the Middle East. He boasts of a career spanning fifteen years as an entertainer, with performances ranging from kids shows to restaurant magic. His most notable achievement came on Season One of Asia’s Got Talent, where he became the first magician/ventriloquist to receive four yeses from the judges. Pragyan presents to you one of the world’s best, to leave you in awe and wanting more.



With the ability to juggle with cards and the whole world watching, Shivraj just doesn't disappoint. The 19 year old pro-cardist has over 5 years of experience, pushing the possibilities the world of cardistry has to offer to new extremities. He was the "Break-out Cardist Of The Year 2016", at the Cardistry-Con Awards, Germany. The Pune-based youngster is the king of card tricks, pulling out complicated and unbelievable shuffles with a degree of effortlessness that looks magical. Maneuvering cards is his passion and there is no doubt that he will own the stage when he makes his appearance at the Pragyan Infotainment shows.



With the ability to see into our past and our future and channel her thoughts into our minds in an enchanting and powerful manner, the mentalist and hypnotic artist, Suhani Shah will leave her audience spellbound with her mind-blowing tricks. Captivating the crowd with her wit and words, she has delivered several TEDx talks all over India, namely in Chennai, Goa, IMT Nagpur, and Trivandrum. She is a global citizen at heart with her performances in many countries across the globe such as China and Bahrain. Her play with words didn’t just stop with talks but spread to pages too as she authored the best-seller “Unleash your hidden powers”. Making her mark with her stylish and charismatic persona, combined with a profuse dose of wit and intelligence from a young age of seven, Pragyan, NIT Trichy presents an opportunity of a lifetime to get your minds warped by this master mentalist from Mumbai, Suhani Shah.