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There is no use of living in a flourishing economy if there isn’t a flourishing soil. With every country in a rat-race to improve its economy, it has taken mother nature for granted, not realising the dangerous consequences it could have for future generations.

Uyaram, an eco-awareness initiative by Pragyan, strived to ensure that the environment we live in was maintained as pristine as possible. By growing trees and promoting greenery in our community, we not only feel refreshed by the aesthetics but also get a lot more benefits, which can be tapped in a sustainable manner. Uyaram’s aim was to ensure awareness among people, of the pressing need and benefits of living in a clean and green area, and following a lifestyle that is as nature-friendly as possible.

After all, if we can maintain our community as a clean and green environment, we sure can do something to the entire world, for the world is just one large community.




On 8th of September 2017, the Social Responsibility team of Pragyan celebrated World Literacy Day by conducting Karka Kasadara, an event which aimed to collect and distribute books to school students. With the motto, “Knowledge should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of boundaries.” Knowledge should be given free of cost, especially to ones who need it the most. Pragyan believed that giving books to underprivileged children was the greatest way spread knowledge.

The social responsibility wing of Pragyan set out to achieve this mission of spreading knowledge by starting on Monday. Books, along with other stationery items were collected from nearby schools in Trichy. More than seven schools participated towards the cause and it was their active participation that helped PSR to make this event a success. The students were more than willing to donate their old books, unused and used notebooks and even some stationery materials. They were collected throughout from Monday to Thursday.

On Friday, the team went to Hope Foundation Worldwide Orphan and Anbagam Nalivutra Manavar Manaviyar Vidudhi. The team then donated the books to the children in these institutions. A ray of hope and happiness could be seen in the eyes of these children, who were elated as soon as the team arrived. Positive feedback was received from these institutions and its members. This was one of the steps towards eradicating illiteracy in India and Pragyan aims to achieve more.




A smile, a greeting or a hug, is all it takes to make someone feel better. It requires little effort and one might have just saved a life. Suicide is a leading cause of preventable deaths. This World Suicide Prevention Day, Pragyan furthered efforts at spreading awareness about mental health. The participants of Square One were handed ID cards to remind them of the responsibility that they carry towards the people around them. Poetic words on the purpose of life by the chief guest of Square One Inauguration Ceremony, Dr. P Krishnamurthy, also left an indelible mark on the students.




At times where life is at odds with all chances of surviving, first aid can go a long way in ensuring escape from fatality. It goes without saying that first aid awareness is a necessity for human life. Keeping this in mind, Pragyan conducted a first aid awareness programme named 'Raksha' on the occasion of World First Aid Day on September 9, 2017. The social responsibility wing of Pragyan visited students from Prajna Matriculation School, Madurai and taught them how to perform first aid and handle various situations, like burns, cuts, snake bites and more.



“The elderly have so much to offer. They’re our link with history.” Remembering the words of John Cusack, the social responsibility wing of Pragyan undertook yet another venture, ‘Amirtam’, an initiative to help the elderly and take care of their needs. On 4th December 2017, Pragyan organisers left for TRUDWES & St. Antony’s Home for the Aged, carrying food to serve the old people. With many elderly people struggling for basic amenities and needing help for even miniscule tasks, Pragyan recognised their needs and lifted their spirits. After all, when the elders are not honored, there is no future for the young



Dhisai is Pragyan's flagship event to increase awareness about JEE and the importance of admission into CFTI's like IIT's and NIT's among students in Tamil Nadu. It is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Education, Tamil Nadu.
Over 8000 schools were benefited by this campaign.

An awareness program was held in the campus of NIT Trichy, kicked off by a briefing on 5th December. Subsequently, students were shown a tour around the college covering various landmarks and areas such as the Departments of Physics and Chemistry, SCIENT, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the Central Workshop, the library, the robotic arc welding lab, and the computer centre, to name a few. In the physics and chemistry departments, a set of basic science experiments were conducted and shown to the students by the research scholars. In the SCIENT, a racing car produced by PSI - the official motorsports club of NIT Trichy - was put in display to the audience. The Department of EEE was home to the showcase of solar panels on the rooftops and the standard laboratories were explored by the students.
Official booklets are also being distributed all over Tamil Nadu to raise awareness for the entrance examination.

Learn more about Dhisai at www.pragyan.org/dhisai