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Blockchain technology presents opportunities for disruptive innovation and is poised to change IT in much the same way open-source software did a quarter of a century ago. It allows multiple different parties to securely interact with the same universal source of truth. A blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger forged by consensus, combined with a system for “smart contracts” and other assistive technologies. Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort to build blockchain frameworks and platforms. IBM is one of the leaders in providing blockchain solutions and services using the Hyperledger technologies. It is used in Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins, Litecoins. Pragyan, NIT Trichy presents the 1-day comprehensive Blockchain workshop in association with IBM. 


The following topics will be covered in this workshop:

  1. Blockchain Explained - Introduction to the Blockchain

  1. Blockchain Solutions - Use cases for Blockchain

  1. Blockchain Composed - Usage of Hyperledger Composer

  1. Blockchain Architected - Architecture of Hyperledger

  1. Blockchain Lab

Date: 2nd March 2018

An email enclosing the payment link will be sent to the participant's registered email address after registration. A registration fee as following is to be paid towards Pragyan, NIT Trichy to complete the registration process for the workshop.

Workshop Registration Fee: Team of 1: INR 700

                                           Team of 2: INR 1400

                                           Team of 3: INR 2100     

Organiser: IBM

Number of Participants per team: 3

Duration: 6 hours

Participants are requested to bring their own laptop for the workshop.


  • Understanding of Client-Server Architecture

  • Understanding of Databases

  • Prerequisite for the Lab:

Pranay: +91 7038414495

Paritosh: +91 8148947126


Email: software.ws@pragyan.org

1) Does the workshop have any prerequisites?

There are a few prerequisites for the workshop. Any 3rd or 4th year student interested can attend the workshop, but they are required to follow the prerequisites mentioned in the Details tab.


2) How should the payment be made for the workshop?

Payment can be made online. Payment guidelines will be mailed to the participant’s mail-id once registered.


3) On what basis are workshop registrations confirmed?

Registrations are confirmed after payment on first come first serve basis. Confirmation of your participation is subject to availability.


4) Will the fees paid for the workshop be refunded in case I fail to attend the workshop?

Fees once paid, is strictly non-refundable. Requests for refund will not be encouraged.


5) Will accommodation be provided?

Yes. We provide accommodation depending on the availability and your place of residence. You will have to register separately for that. Stay tuned to the website for updates on accommodation.


6) Will certificates be provided?

Yes. A certificate from Pragyan, the student-run ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 20121:2012 certified techno-managerial organisation of NIT Trichy will be provided after the completion of the workshop.

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