Code Character

Code Character is an online AI programming competition, where one writes C++ code to control troops in a real time strategy game. Test your code against yourself, our AIs and then everyone else’s. Challenge others to improve your rating as you climb up the leaderboard.

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Prizes worth INR 50000

The contest is open for one week. Players have to write codes which fight against other players' codes. Your rating is based on your wins. At the end of the game period, the player on the top of the leaderboard wins.


  • Individual Event

Judging criteria:

Player with the highest rating wins.

You are playing a game where you have an army of soldiers and villagers. The villagers can build factories which in turn produce more soldier and villager units. The soldiers can attack opponent factories and units. The twist here is that you have to write an AI code to play the game for you.


Q) Do I need to know C++ to participate?

A) Yes. Some basic knowledge of C++ is definitely required. If you have an understanding of structs, arrays, pointers and perhaps the STL library, you should be good to go.


Q) Do I need to set up the environment on my local machine to code?

A) No. You can compile and run your code directly in the integrated editor.


Q) Is the event completely online?

A) Yes. Code Character is a fully online event.



  1. Sai Hemant: +91 84287 47686

  2. Tanvi            : +91 94442 35755

  3. Sanjeeda     : +91 8789187123

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