Code Venatic

Think you have a programming mind? Well, there are many ways to go, letís see which one you pick. Team Pragyan brings you Code Venatic, an event that lets you put your logical and innovative mind at work to hunt for the answer. Let loose your programming skills in this unconventional coding contest where you generate the source code from the executable also a twist is present as the code written should be in minimum possible number of lines

ROUND 1: Preliminary round

  • It’s a pen and paper MCQ test. Questions will test  knowledge in C/ C++, Data Structures and Algorithms.

  • This round is eliminative.

ROUND 2: Reverse Coding with Minimum Number of lines

  • Top few teams from Round 1 qualify for this round.

  • In this round, Participants will be provided with an executable file for which they have to find the source code and the code should be in minimum number of lines.

  • Each team can have a maximum of two members.

  • In  round 2 only C and C++ languages are allowed.

  • Third party libraries will not be accepted and are not  allowed.

  • Disassembler tools will not be provided for the final round. Participants will have to rely on their analytic skills to reverse-engineer the source code of the given

          executable file.

  • In case of discrepancies, the decisions of the managers are final and binding.

Judging criteria:

Round 1:

  • Number of correct answers.

Round 2:

  • Number of test cases cleared.

  • Number of lines used to write the code.

  • In case of ties, time taken will be considered.


Will be given at the time of the event.


If there is a tie then number of lines used for the code written will be checked and if still the tie continues  time complexity will be checked .

You can’t use the internet or any helping materials like books,etc.


  1. Sanjeeda:9487724286

  2. Adith:7993992662

  3. Vignesh:8939699553


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