Pragyan ML Challenge

Unleash the coder in you to outrun all other business giants. Predict the future credits and growth before others. As a developer, create a program which analyses the current data sets and market values to predict the future.
  • This will be a single round online event for 2 days.
  • You will be provided with a dataset of the company. Using this you will have to make the program that predicts the capitalisation and credit score rating of the company.

  • You have to submit this file containing the program having .csv extension.

  • File description:
    3 files would be provided to you.

         1)training.csv → The training set

         2)test.csv → The test set

         3)Sample Submission.csv → A sample submission file with correct format.

  • Any usage of inbuilt or third party library is forbidden.

  • The languages allowed are Python and R.

  • Registration of the event will close two days before the event ends.

  • Teams should work independently; sharing answers or collaborating with another team to secure multiple spots at finals constitutes cheating.

  • No queries will be entertained apart from technical failures.

  • Results are not subject to discussion and the judges’ decision will be final.

Judging criteria:

Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE):

Submissions are scored on the root mean square error. RMSE is defined as:

Where, y that is the natural-log of the predicted market value and y^(y dash) is the natural-log of the actual summed market value plus one.

“Lesser the RMSE, more the points received.”


Will be provided when the challenge starts.


In case of tie root mean square time of submission will be checked.


  1. Sanjeeda Khatoon - 948774286

  2. V Vignesh Iyer - 9791550536

  3. Vignesh -8675971425

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