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Have you ever gotten frustrated struggling in the traffic? Ever thought about remodeling a place you frequently visit? Let us make life a little simpler. Present an existing real-life problem and propose a solution for the same. Demonstrate it in a creative form to grab prizes.

The abstract submission deadline is extended to 28-02-2019

Date: 17th March 2019 (Day 3)
Time: 9:00 AM
Venue: Seminar Hall, Civil Department

Prizes worth INR 25000


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ROUND 1: Abstract submission

  • Participants must submit an abstract. The deadline for abstract submission is 28-02-2019.

  • Details to be present in Abstract:
    • Description about the study city
    • Existing conditions of the selected city based on town planning  
    • Discuss the issues with respect to any specific problems within the city
    • Propose various solutions to solve the issues and create the smart city
    • Discuss the feasibility of the proposed solutions
    • Discuss how the smart city design and comparison are going to demonstrate (Software or Poster).

  • It is an eliminative round.

ROUND 2: Presentation

  • Participants for the second round should bring their presentation on the day of Pragyan to NIT Trichy.
  • The demonstration should be done explaining the features and the factors they have considered for the design.


  • Maximum 3 people per team

  • The abstract must contain less than 300 words.

  • The judges decision will remain final


Judging criteria:

  • Report: 20%
  • Presentation: 20%
  • Question and Answer: 20%
  • 3D software/Videos/Planning Software/Poster: 40%

Design the smart city as per Indian conditions.
• Choose any METROPOLITAN CITY in India whichever the team is familiar with.
• Collect the possible existing conditions of the selected city (Examples: Population, Land use pattern, Bus stops, Pedestrian walkway, Cycle track, Railway track, Airport,Intersections, Roadways, Industries, Schools,Institution, Pollution, Etc.)
• Discuss the issues with existing city conditions (Examples: Congestion at Market area,Accident at institutional/Industrial area, Issues on future expansion of road in CBD area,Lack of cyclist facilities in City, Multimodal Transit Hub, Etc.)
• Propose the possible solutions to create the Smart City (Example: To increase the ecofriendly environment in the city, encourage the cyclist and pedestrian by design the Cycle track and Pedestriansidewalk/crosswalk/skywalk)
• Refer various Indian codes (Examples: Indian Road Congress, Indian Highway Capacity Manual, Etc.)
• Adopt various Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for creating Smart City
• Consider all categories of people (Child, Adult, Elder and Disabled)
• Use any 3D software/Videos/Planning Software/Poster/Etc. to demonstrate the proposed smart city and comparisons between existing and proposed conditions.


Ques: Are cross-college teams allowed?

Ans: Yes


Ques: Are inter-departmental teams allowed?

Ans: Yes


Ques: Are UG-PG collaborations allowed?

Ans: No. Only UG students are allowed to participate in the event.



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  1. Shanmuga Priya - 9442324053

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