Beer Factory

Beer Factory is an online strategy-based, single-player game that is designed to test the art of resource management. Participants manage the production and management processes in a beer factory and attempt to maximise the factory’s profit to gain popularity. Each participant plays against a computer-simulated opponent and competes against other players in the leaderboard.

Prizes worth INR 25000

Visit Beer Factory to register and play the game! Cheers and happy brewing!

It is a turn based game. The various activities involved during a turn are:-

  • Receive the demands from all the simulated retailers.

  • There will be 240 turns.

  • Decide the supply to the retailers based on various factors like popularity, current demand, etc.

  • Place order for the next round.

  • Make decisions to improve your factory by increasing capacity, improving transportation system, etc.

  • There will be an opponent factory playing with the same set of retailers. Your actions will affect the popularity of the opponent factory and vice versa.

  • New retailers are unlocked during the course of the game.

  • The winner is decided on the basis of the final score, which is an aggregate of popularity among retailers and the factory's profits.


  • Each participant starts the game with a predefined amount of cash and beers.

  • The participant earns a profit for each beer sold during the turn.

  • Each unsold beer contributes to a negative inventory cost.

  • The decision of the event organisers is final and binding.


Judging criteria:

The winner is decided solely based on his or her factory’s “popularity rating” and the “profit rating” in the game. Further information on how this is calculated shall be informed later.

Things tend to get a little tipsy-turvy when it comes to brewing beer.

Beer Factory is a strategy-based resource management online game, meant for a single player. The participant owns a beer factory that supplies to various computer-simulated retailers in the town. The factory’s aim is to maximise profit and to gain popularity among the retailers by managing the resources efficiently. The participant’s factory will compete against a computer-simulated opponent factory. The money made and the popularity among the retailers decide the winner.

Are you ready for this larger than life challenge?


Q): Should I stay online throughout the entire duration?

A): No. The user can pause the game at any point of time and can continue playing from the same time by logging in again.


Q): What happens if there are unexpected situations like power failure?

A): The player's progress is saved. Hence the player can continue from right where they left off before the power failure.


Q): What happens if there are unexpected situations like power failure?

A): We accommodate such events if they occur. You can contact the event managers for more details.


Q): Does the game require any prerequisites?

A): No, common sense and strategic thinking are enough to play the game.



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